1.2 ZENworks Configuration Management

1.2.1 Dashboard

Actionable Dashboards For Patch and Device Management: Actionable Dashboards provide you with a visual representation of the data in your zone, helping you to identify problems faster. With this release, administrators can monitor vital system statuses, such as the patch compliance status of devices, the security compliance status of Android Enterprise mobile devices, and the last time devices scanned for vulnerabilities or made contact with a ZENworks server. After identifying the various statuses, the required actions can be taken to resolve any concerns. Custom dashlets can be created based on requirements and then saved and pinned to a dashboard.

This release includes the following dashlets:

  • Device Management Dashlets: Android Enterprise Compliance Status, Device Last Contact Time, and Device Distribution

  • Patch Management Dashlets: Patch Subscription Status, Recently Released Patches, Device Patch Compliance, and Device Last Patch Scan

For more information, see the ZENworks 2017 Update 3 Dashboard Reference.

1.2.2 Mobile Management

Work Managed Mode for Android Devices

ZENworks has now extended its Android Enterprise support to include the Work-Managed Device mode. This feature enables administrators to manage the entire device, without the creation of containers to separate corporate and personal data, thereby restricting it to corporate use only. Only administrator-approved apps can be installed from Google Play Store. The administrator can also remotely wipe corporate data from a work-managed device. All the Android Enterprise related features will continue to be available in this mode.

For more information, see Enrolling devices in the work-managed device mode in the ZENworks 2017 Mobile Management Reference.

Support for Intune App Protection

ZENworks enables you to secure apps built using the Intune SDK (for example, Microsoft Office 365 apps), without users having to enroll the devices in ZENworks. By configuring Microsoft Graph API, you can create policies from within ZENworks, to secure Intune apps on iOS devices. These policies help you to enforce the manner in which end users access data (Example: Enforce the use of a PIN), restrict the devices on which they access data (Example: Restrict access on jail-broken devices), and restrict the cut, copy and paste of data. If required, you can wipe the app data off a device, from within ZENworks itself.

For more information, see Managing Intune Apps in the ZENworks 2017 Mobile Management Reference.

Locate Lost Mobile Devices

With this release, administrators can now use ZENworks to identify the current location of lost iOS and Android devices. As and when the lost supervised devices are located, end users are notified through notifications and emails. The built-in privacy settings ensure that only the last known location of the device is stored in ZENworks, in an encrypted format, and access to location details is controlled by rights. Apart from this, every attempt to access a location, is audited.

For more information, see Locating a Device in the ZENworks 2017 Mobile Management Reference.

Lost Mode Support for iOS Devices

This feature enables you to lock an iOS supervised device, when it is lost, with the option to display a recovery message and call-back phone number.

For more information, see Enabling Lost Mode in the ZENworks 2017 Mobile Management Reference.

Support for new iOS 11 Restrictions and DEP Settings

This release includes support for additional iOS 11 restrictions related to AirPrint, system app removal and additional settings to enable features such as voice dictation, Wi-Fi whitelisting and VPN configuration.

The DEP settings are also enhanced to support features such as Aerial screensavers, Touch-To-Setup, Home Screen Sync and TV Provider Sign-in for Apple TVs. Apart from this, Update 3 also provides support for features such as Keyboard Setup, Onboarding, and Watch Migration.

For more information, see the ZENworks 2017 Mobile Management Reference.

Restart and Shutdown Quick Tasks for iOS Mobile Devices

The Restart and Shutdown quick task is now extended to include iOS supervised devices as well.

For more information, see Reboot or Shutdown iOS Devices in the ZENworks 2017 Mobile Management Reference

User Interface for Mobile Inventory Configuration

Using ZENworks Control Center you can now schedule an inventory scan of mobile devices at the Management Zone, Device Folder and Device level. You can either configure the inventory scan to run during specific intervals, or you can run a quick task to manually initiate the inventory scan to collect inventory details instantaneously.

For more information, see Managing a Device in the ZENworks 2017 Mobile Management Reference

1.2.3 Audit Management

Integration with SIEM Tools: ZENworks can now send audit and system events or messages in CEF format to Syslog servers. These events can be correlated in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools, such as ArcSight and Sentinel, to alert administrators when specific events occur on the system.

1.2.4 System Update

More Accurate Device Count During System Update The enhanced representation of the System Update Deployment status now provides you with a more accurate count of devices to which the update is assigned, regardless of whether they are part of a direct assignment, a group or a dynamic group. This ensures that at any point in time you get an accurate view of the status of the update.

Automatic Download of PRUs You can now automate the monthly Product Recognition Update (PRUs) deployments. Using ZENworks Control Center you can configure monthly schedules to check for PRU availability, download and deployment. You can also configure email notifications to inform administrators about the PRU deployment status.

For more information, see PRU Schedule in the ZENworks System Updates Reference.

1.2.5 Imaging

MDT Deployment using INI files: Based on requirements, MDT deployment can now be automated using the CustomSettings.ini or the Bootstrap.ini files. Using these INI files, you can achieve Lite Touch to Zero Touch deployment.

Rule Variables for Preboot bundles: Users can now define rule variables for Preboot bundles.

Conversion from MBR to GPT using WinPE distro: Using the WinPE distro users can now convert MBR disks to GPT disks.

Bundle Name Change: The names of the following imaging bundles have been changed:

  • Imaging Script to Linux Imaging Script

  • Third-Party Script to WinPE Imaging Script

Firmware Type Filter to assign bundles based on firmware: The new Firmware Type filter in the Rule Logic filter enables users to assign bundles based on the firmware type.

For more information, see the ZENworks Preboot Services and Imaging Reference.

1.2.6 Support for Windows 10 Version Details

ZENworks now displays Windows 10 version details (build numbers) in the Device Properties, Inventory and System Requirements pages.

1.2.7 ZENworks App

Updated ZENworks Branding Policy: Using the ZENworks Branding Policy you can now specify the size of the icons displayed in ZENworks Application (ZAPP).

1.2.8 Database Migration Support from Oracle to MSSQL

ZENworks now supports the migrations of data from Oracle to a Microsoft SQL database that is installed on a device on which ZENworks is not installed.

For more information, see Migrating the Data from an Oracle Database to an MS SQL Database in the ZENworks Database Management Reference.