A.0 Troubleshooting

The following sections provides solutions to the problems you might encounter while deploying and Configuring ZENworks Appliance:

System Update Fails On Windows 10 Devices

Source: ZENworks 2020
Explanation: When you deploy ZENworks 2020 Update 1 on Windows 10 64-bit devices, the system update might fail.
Action: Redeploy the update on the devices on which the update has failed.

Registration of Online Updates fails using the local SMT

Source: ZENworks 2020
Explanation: Unable to register for online updates using the local SMT in the appliance console.
Action: To register for online updates using the local SMT, perform the following steps:
  1. In the appliance device, open YaST from the terminal, and then navigate to Software > Product Registration > Register system via local SMT server.

  2. Specify the local SMT server hostname.

  3. After registering, go to the appliance console and click Online Update.

    The available patches are listed in the Online Update page.

Appliance migration fails due to inadequate disk space

Source: ZENworks 2020
Explanation: The appliance migration from ZENworks 2017 to ZENworks 2020 fails and "No space left on device" message is logged in the zcmMigration.log (/tmp/zcmMigration.log) file.
Action: Before starting the appliance migration, in the ZENworks 2017 Appliance, rename the database folder available in the /vastorage/var/opt/novell/zenworks/ location to database.old, deploy a new ZENworks 2020 Appliance and then restart the migration.

NOTE:Ensure that you rename the folder, deploy a new ZENworks 2020 appliance, and then attach the disk to the ZENworks 2020 appliance.

Proxy DHCP service is not listed in ZENworks Appliance

Source: ZENworks 2020
Explanation: When you update ZENworks Appliance from 2017, Update 1, Update 2 to 2017 Update 3, the Proxy DHCP service is not listed in the System Services page on Appliance admin console.
Action: To manage the Proxy DHCP services, perform the following:

To set the service as Automatic or Manual, or to check the status of the service, from the Appliance command prompt, run the related command:

  • Automatic : systemctl enable novell-proxydhcp.service

  • Manual : systemctl disable novell-proxydhcp.service

  • Status : systemctl status novell-proxydhcp.service

Mouse not being detected or not working on Citrix XenServer

Source: ZENworks Appliance.
Explanation: If you deploy the ZENworks Appliance OVA file to a Citirx XenServer, after deployment, the mouse might not be detected or might not work.
Action: On the Citrix XenCenter console, run the SaX2 -r -a command.

Inconsistency while loading ZCC pages after Appliance upgrade

Explanation: After migrating your appliance from 11.4.x to 2017, or 2017 to 2017 Update 1, you might observe inconsistency while loading ZCC pages.
Action: After appliance migration, perform the following steps to remove duplicate JAR files:
  1. 1. Download the script from the following location:

  2. Copy the script to the migrated ZENworks 2017 Appliance System and Run as a root user.

  3. Assign executable permission for the script file by running the following command:

    chmod +x mvOldJars.sh.

  4. Run the script by running the following command:


  5. Restart the ZENworks services using the following command:

    novell-zenworks-configure -c Restart