6.0 ZENworks System Management

The user interface helps you to configure and perform operations on a ZENworks Primary Server. Based on the logged-in user the tiles are displayed.

On ZENworks, the root user has all privileges, whereas for the zenadmin user certain privileges are restricted. If you log in as a zenadmin user, you will not be able to execute commands that tend to modify the existing configuration, such as zac refresh, zac clear-cache and so on. Only commands that displays the existing configuration can be executed. The zenadmin user is used as a ZENworks administrator to perform day-to-day activities in ZENworks.

The following operations can be performed by root and zenadmin:

  • Explore all the files and folders of the appliance system

  • View logs

  • View and edit log configurations

  • View and edit the ZENworks configuration settings

  • Restart both appliance and ZENworks

  • Launch a terminal and execute ZENworks commands

    NOTE:Not all the commands are supported when you log in as a zenadmin user. Commands to display the current settings (zac zone-config, zac config-location), preferences (zac get-pref), list (zac bundle-list, zac policy-list, zac external-service-list, zac lock-list), properties (zac bundle-props, zac agent-properties), search (zac bundle-search) command, patch commands (zac patch-apply-policy, zac patch-quarantine-release, zac patch-scan) and so on are supported.

To manage ZENworks Appliance:

  1. Launch the URL on a supported web browser to access the Management Console.

    For example: https://<FQDN>:9443 or https://<ipaddress>:9443

  2. Specify the login credentials, then click Log in.

    If you log in as a root or zenadmin user, the following options are displayed in the ZENworks section: