7.23 User Source Rights

The User Source Rights dialog box lets you grant Audit-related rights to the selected user sources.

7.23.1 Contexts

Specify the User Source folders (contexts) that you want the administrator’s User Source rights to apply to. To select a folder, click Add to display the Contexts dialog box, browse for and select the folder (or multiple folders), then click OK. The rights also apply to the folder’s subfolders.

7.23.2 Privileges

The Privileges section lets you grant the selected administrator rights to work with users and folders listed in the Contexts section.

The following rights are available:




View Audit Log

  • View a user source’s Audit tab and the events logged to that tab

This right does not allow the administrator to view event details. To view event details, the administrator must have the View Audit Event right.

View Audit Events

  • View a user source’s tab, the events logged to that tab, and the details for the events

Setting the View Audit Events right to Allow forces the View Audit Log right to Allow.