7.4 Contract Management Rights

The Contract Management Rights dialog box lets you control the operations that the selected administrator can perform to manage contracts.

7.4.1 Contexts

Specify the Contract Management folders (contexts) that you want the administrator’s Contract Management rights to apply to. To select a folder, click Add to display the Contexts dialog box, browse for and select the folder (or multiple folders), then click OK. The rights also apply to the folder’s subfolders.

7.4.2 Privileges

The Privileges section lets you grant the selected administrator rights to contracts and folders listed in the Contexts section.

The following rights are available:




View Leaf

  • View the contents in the specified context (folder and subfolders)

Setting the View Leaf right to Deny forces all other Contract Management rights to Deny. The View Leaf right must be set to Allow to perform any other contract management operations.


  • Change contract details, with the following exceptions:

    • Date Notification changes also require Create/Delete rights

  • Change default Date Notification settings

  • Add relationships (Workstation/Server Devices, Network Devices, Licence Entitlements, Users, Sites, Cost Centers, and Departments) to contracts

  • Remove relationships from contracts

To add or remove a license entitlement relationship, an administrator must have this right and the License Management Rights – Modify right. In other words, an administrator needs Modify rights to both the contract and the license entitlement.


  • Create a new contract

  • Copy a contract to create a new contract

  • Move a contract to a different folder

  • Delete a contract

  • Create a Date Notification

  • Change a Date Notification

  • Move a Date Notification to a different folder

  • Delete a Date Notification


Modify Folders

  • Change a folder’s description


Create/Delete Folders

  • Create a folder

  • Delete a folder

  • Move a folder to another folder

To move a folder, an adminstrator must have this right and the Create/Delete right.

Access to Contract Management reports is controlled through Asset Management Report Rights. For details, see Section 7.27, Asset Management Report Rights.