1.5 ZENworks Configuration Management

1.5.1 Windows 10 Device Management

In the ZENworks 2020 Update 2 release, new capabilities have been added that will enable you to manage the entire life cycle of Windows 10 devices using the built-in MDM agent on these devices. To address the use cases beyond the capabilities of Windows 10 devices, you can also deploy the ZENworks agent on devices that use the Windows 10 MDM agents.

For more information on each of the capabilities listed in this section, see Windows MDM Reference.

The new capabilities are as follows:

Configuration Capabilities

You can now configure Windows Notification Service (WNS) to send push notifications to Windows devices that are managed through Windows Modern Management.

Enrollment Capabilities

The following enrollment capabilities have been introduced. For more information, see

Enrolling Methods: Windows 10 devices can be enrolled to ZENworks using the following methods.

  • Provisioning package (PPKG) enrollment

  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Join

  • AutoPilot Enrollment

Deploying the ZENworks Agent: You can now deploy the ZENworks Agent on Windows 10 devices that are already enrolled using the MDM mode of enrollment.

Configuring Terms of Use: You can assign the Terms of Use policy to devices to add the Terms of Use content to be displayed on the agent while enrolling Windows 10 devices using either the Azure AD Join or Auto Pilot enrollment.

Management Capabilities

The following management capabilities have been introduced:

Deploying Windows 10 MDM Bundles: You can now deploy the following bundles to Windows 10 MDM devices:

NOTE:Support for these bundles is on an experimental basis and should be used for evaluation purposes only.

  • Using the Windows 10 MDM - Install MSI bundle deploy a Microsoft Installer (MSI) package on Windows 10 MDM devices.

  • Using the Windows 10 MDM CSP bundle distribute Configuration Service Providers (CSPs) to deploy various configurations available through CSPs on Windows 10 MDM devices.

Initiating Quick Tasks: The following quick tasks are supported on Windows 10 MDM Devices:

  • Delete Device

  • Unregister Device

  • Retire Device

  • Un-retire Device

  • Lost Device

  • Unenroll Device

Other Capabilities

Some of the other capabilities introduced for the Windows 10 MDM feature are as follows:

  • Windows 10 Devices support automatic reconciliation.

  • The CA Remint process now issues certificates to Windows 10 MDM devices.

  • The MS Graph API setting has been renamed to Azure MDM Application and needs to be re-configured to benefit from the new enhancements introduced in this release.

Getting Started with Modern Management

The Mobile Management Getting Started page is refurbished to include enrollment and management of Windows 10 MDM devices as well. For more information, see Modern Management Reference.

1.5.2 ZENworks Imaging

Restore Image using bundle name on WinPE: On ZENworks 2020 Update 1 and earlier versions, the WinPE distro supported restoring of the image by providing the image name using the IMG command, and the command did not recognize if the bundle was passed through the command. From ZENworks 2020 Update 2 onwards, the IMG bundle commands are supported on the WinPE distro. For more information, see Preboot Services and Imaging guide.

New tool to read ZENworks Image Information: The zmginfo tool helps to gather information about an image. This is particularly useful when you have multiple images in the content repository or the shared path, and you need to collect information about each image to save time. Using the zmginfo tool, you can gather either the basic or full information about the image. Using zmginfo, admin can create the bundle xml which can be imported as bundle and used to convert all the linux base images in to winpe base images.

For more information, see the Preboot Services and Imaging guide

1.5.3 ZENworks Remote Management

Remote Control of a device having active RDP Session: You will now be able to launch a remote session on a device with an active RDP session just like a normal Remote Management session. For more information, see the Remote Management Reference guide.

Recording a Remote Management Session (Experimental Support): Enables the users on the managed device to record the remote management session. For more information, see the Remote Management Reference guide.

1.5.4 Mobile Management

Enabling device assignments for Android bundles: Android bundles created for approved play store apps that were earlier restricted to user assignments, can now be assigned to devices as well. For more information, see Mobile Management Reference.

Provisioning System Apps: Using the Bundles feature, you can enable or disable System Apps on Android devices. System apps are in-built apps that are already pre-installed on the device. or more information, see Mobile Management Reference.

Getting started with Modern Management: The Mobile Management Getting Started page is refurbished to include the enrollment and management of Windows 10 MDM devices as well. Also, certain additional features associated with enrolling and managing of Apple and Android devices, have been included on this page. For more information, see Modern Management Reference.

Modifying the Android Device Log Location The location of the ZENworks App logs on Android devices have been modified to Android/data/com.novell.zapp/files/Documents/zapp.log. To share these logs, you need to deploy the Files app on Android devices.

1.5.5 Bundle Management

A new Continue on Failure option has been introduced in the Copy Relationships workflow. While copying relationships from one device to another set of objects, if there is an error encountered, the operation will continue for the rest of objects. The details of the errors will be displayed at the end of operation, along with an option to export the details of the operation for further reference and action. For more information, see Software Distribution Reference.

1.5.6 Miscellaneous

Enabling customers to use the latest version of the puppet-agent package: Previously, ZENworks provided the puppet-agent package as part of the build, which enabled users to use the Puppet policy. However, with the continuous updates to the puppet-agent version, post the ZENworks release, users were not able to use most recent version of the puppet-agent package. From this release onwards, for the Puppet policy to be effective on ZENworks 2020 Update 2 and later, Linux managed devices, you need to ensure that the puppet-agent package is installed on the devices. For more information, see Configuration Policies Reference.