6.2 Searching for Events

You can search for a specific event, or filter events based on category (Critical, Major, and Informational). You can also perform advanced searches and create, edit, and delete saved searches.

NOTE:Simple search results will include only event names that match the specified search entry. However, Advanced search results will include event names and categories that match the specified search entry.

Using the Search feature, you can perform the following tasks:

6.2.1 Search for Events

To search for events at the zone, device, or object level:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, select the Events tab in the Dashboard, or the Audit tab in the required object folder (example, Bundles, Policies, or Users) or Devices folder (servers or workstations).

  2. In the Events page, select the event category from the Change Events or Agent Events tab.

    The search field is displayed.

  3. Specify the name of the event in the search field (for example, Bundle Assignment Management or File Transfer), then press Enter.

    Events that match your search criteria are displayed.

Whenever you perform a search, the name of the selected search is displayed next to the Search field. To clear the search, click x next to the search name.

6.2.2 Perform an Advanced Search

You can use the Advanced Search feature to search for events at the Zone or Device level.

  1. In the Event Configuration screen, click the down-arrow next to the Search field.

    A menu is displayed with various search-related options.

  2. Click Advanced Search to display the Advanced Search screen.

  3. Specify the following details:

    • Search for: Specify the name of the audit event.

    • Source: Select all events, those events that were set directly at the device level, or those that were set at the zone level and inherited by devices.

    • Event Class: Select the classification type of the event.

    • Days to Keep: Specify the number of days the event is stored in the database.

    • Notification Type: Specify the notification type associated with the event.

  4. To save the selected search criteria, select the Save search as check box, specify a search name, then click Search.

    NOTE:If you have created saved searches, the search names will be displayed in the drop-down list. When you select a saved search name from the drop-down list, the relevant search results are displayed.