ZENworks Best Practices Guide

  ZENworks Best Practices Guide
    ZENworks Best Practices Overview
      The Goal: Total Management, Zero Effort
      The Management Paradigm
      The Solution: Micro Focus ZENworks
      About the Structure of this Guide
    ZENworks Administrator
      Pre-Design and Planning
        Performing a Business Assessment
        Performing a Technical Assessment
        Gather Other Important Information
        Develop a High-Level Design
        Develop Documentation
        Outputs from Pre-Design Activities and Workshops
        Critical Information Required for the System Design
        Decisions from the System Design
        Infrastructure Structure and Placement
        Single Zone or Multiple Zones
        Licensing ZENworks Products
        Discovery and Deployment Strategies
        Windows 10 Device Management
        Remote Management
        Policy Management
        Application Management
        Linux Package Management
        Content Management
        Other ZENworks Settings Recommendations
        System Update
        Lab Testing and Validation
      Monitoring and Tuning
        Tuning the ZENworks Primary Servers
        Using the ZENworks Diagnostics Tools
        Monitoring Your ZENworks Server Using Visual VM
        Tuning the ZENworks Agent
        Tuning the Antimalware Service
        Tuning Antimalware Database Synchronization
      Advanced Concepts
        Tomcat Valve Logging
        Hibernate Logging
        C3PO Logging
        JDBC Logging using P6spy Module
    Database Administrator
      All Databases
        Dedicated Database Server for ZENworks Database
        Virtualizing the ZENworks Database Server
        ZENworks Database Scalability
        ZENworks Database Sizing and Performance Considerations
        Design and Planning
        Monitoring and Tuning
        Useful Reference Sites for PostgreSQL
      Microsoft SQL Server
        Design and Planning
        Monitoring and Tuning
        Advanced MS SQL Concepts
        Design and Planning
        Monitoring and Tuning
        Advanced Concepts
    Network Administrator
      Pre-Design and Planning
        Primary and Database Server Connectivity
        Satellite Servers
        Understanding Closest Servers
        Load Balancing Between Primary and Satellites
        ZENworks Network Ports
        Supporting NAT’d Devices
        HTTP Proxy
        Imaging Considerations
      Monitoring and Tuning
        Monitoring Network Usage
        Bandwidth Throttling
      Advanced Concepts
        Wake-On LAN
    Security Administrator
        SSL Certificates
        Secure Communication between Managed Devices and ZENworks Servers
        Securing the Communication between Managed Devices and Satellite Servers
        Securing ZENworks 2020 Update 2 by Disabling Older Security Protocols
        Configuring SSL/TLS for the ZENworks Server
        Authorized Registration Methods
        Remote Management Authentication
        OpenID Support for ZENworks Service Desk
        Prevention of SQL Injection Attacks on ZENworks
        Controlling Agent Web Services
        Disabling OSP Login in ZCC
        Configuring OSP for Additional DNS or L4 Switch
      Monitoring and Tuning
        Configuring Satellite Certificates When Using an External Certificate Authority
        Backing Up the Internal Certificate Authority
        Restoring the Internal Certificate Authority from Backup
        Reminting Certificates
    LDAP Directory Admin
      Design and Deployment
        Gathering Information
        Planning Your Deployment
        Providing LDAP Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance
      Monitoring and Tuning
        Defining User Containers
        LDAP Replica Configuration for eDirectory Servers
        Configuring Nested Group Support for Active Directory
        Configuring Dynamic Group Support for eDirectory
        Configuring LDAP Connections
        Enabling LDAP Round Robin on a Primary Server to Balance LDAP Queries Between Multiple LDAP Servers
        Upgrade ZCM Agents to 11.2 or Higher for DN Caching Support
        Reduce LDAP Overhead for DLU
        Increasing LDAP Caching Values
    Citrix Best Practices
      Pre-Design and Planning
        Perform a Technical Assessment
        Factors Influencing Scalability
        Ports Used by the ZENworks Agent
        Performing Lab Tests and Validation
      Design and Deployment
        Tasks to be Performed after Deploying the Agent on Citrix Servers
      Monitoring and Tuning
        User Sessions on a Citrix Server Fail to Terminate
        High Utilization of Resources on Citrix Server
        High Consumption of Memory on a Citrix Server
        Disabling Random Refresh Might Cause the ZENworks Agent to Crash on a Citrix Server
        Logging in to the User Source is Slow
    DMZ Configuration
      ZENworks DMZ Server
        Server Connections
        Zone Administration
        Device Management
        DMZ Server Management
        Securing DMZ Servers
    Legal Notice