E.2 Post Installation Troubleshooting

This section provides solutions to problems you might encounter after installing ZENworks .

Unable to access ZENworks Control Center on a ZENworks Primary Server running on SLES

Source: ZENworks; Installation.
Explanation: During the installation of ZENworks Server on a SLES device, if you have specified the port as 8080, the installation is successful. However, you might not be able to access the ZENworks Control Center.
Action: Perform the following steps on the SLES device on which you have installed the ZENworks Server:
  1. Start YaST.

  2. Click Firewall.

  3. In the Firewall Configuration Window, click Allowed Services.

  4. Click Advanced.

  5. In the Additional Allowed Ports dialog box, replace http-alt in the TCP Ports and UDP Ports options with 8080, then complete the Wizard.

Auto Launch ZENworks Control Center configuration does not work in SLES machine

Source: ZENworks; Installation.
Explanation: In the Post installation configuration, if the Auto launch ZCC option is selected, after installation, ZENworks Control Center does not launch automatically in SLES machines.
Action: Manually launch ZENworks Control Center.