6.0 Configuring User Sources

User-based management is an important facet of mobile management in ZENworks. A device that is enrolled (registered) to the ZENworks zone must have a user associated with it. Therefore, for users to enroll their mobile devices, a user source must be configured in ZENworks and this user source must be configured to support mobile device enrollment. A user source is an LDAP directory that contains the user accounts of users to whom you want to distribute ZENworks content, in order to manage their devices. While configuring a user source you must define the enrollment options, which will be applied while enrolling the device, for example; you can enroll a device with or without providing the registration domain.

This chapter explains how a user source that you have already configured in ZENworks can be enabled for mobile device enrollment. For more information on adding a user source, see ZENworks User Source and Authentication Reference.