9.2 Editing Mobile Enrollment Policy

If Define Additional Properties is selected at the time of policy creation, then you will be re-directed to the edit page. Alternatively, navigate to Policies and select the Mobile Enrollment Policy you want to edit. You can edit any of the configured settings within the Mobile Enrollment Policy. Additionally, the Mobile Enrollment Policy lets you configure the following:

  • Select Allow Manual Reconciliation by User by navigating to Details > Advanced Setting. This feature allows the end user to manually reconcile their devices to an existing device object during enrollment. For more information, see Allowing Manual Reconciliation by the User.

  • Select Email Notification Language by navigating to Details > Advanced Setting. This denotes the language in which email notifications need to be sent to the user. To edit these email notifications, see Managing Email Notifications.

If you change the enrollment policy settings after mobile devices are enrolled to the zone, then the updated enrollment policy settings are not applied to the already enrolled devices. However, if the un-enrollment settings are modified after the user enrolls the device, then only the updated un-enrollment settings are applied to the user’s device. Also, un-enrollment is not applicable for those devices that are enrolled as Email Only (ActiveSync only) devices.