31.0 Managing Email Notifications

Email notifications are pre-configured mails that ZENworks sends to notify users about specific activities. Currently, the following email notifications are sent to the user:

  • Invite Users: This email notification is an invite for users to enroll their mobile devices to ZENworks. The default message contains information on the steps that the user needs to perform to enroll the device, based on the device operating system. However, you can modify this message to suit your requirements. To send this email notification to specific users, you need to navigate to the Users section in ZCC, select a user folder or a user, and click Action > Invite Users.

  • Device pending enrollment: Notification is sent when the device is registered to the ZENworks Management Zone but the enrollment process is not complete. The user needs to complete the enrollment process by logging in to the ZENworks end-user portal. When this notification is sent to the device, the term <HOSTNAME> in the default message, will be replaced with the server address to which the device is registered.

  • Email account not provisioned: Notification is sent when the user is unable to send or receive organizational emails on the device due to one of the following reasons:

    • Mobile Email Policy is not yet assigned to a device that has enrolled to the ZENworks Management Zone.

    • Mobile Email Policy is unassigned from a device that is enrolled to the ZENworks Management Zone.

  • Device Located: This notification is sent to users when their devices are located using the Geolocation feature in ZENworks. For more information on the Geolocation feature, see Locating a Device.

To edit the content within each of these notifications, navigate to Configuration > Management Zone Settings > Event and Messaging > Email Notifications.

ZENworks lets you send these email notifications in multiple languages. You need to specify the language in which the email notification is to be sent, in the Mobile Enrollment Policy. For more information, see Editing Mobile Enrollment Policy.

To edit the email messages in these languages, click any of these notifications, select the language from the drop-down menu, and edit the contents of the email in that language. The Custom option will display the notification content that was created in the previous releases. Also, if a particular language is not listed in the drop-down menu, then you can select Custom and edit the email message.