10.0 Configuring an ActiveSync Server

ZENworks can act as a gateway to relay incoming and outgoing email traffic to devices from the Microsoft Exchange or the GroupWise Mobile Server, by using the ActiveSync protocol.This requires you to connect your ZENworks Server to the Email Servers, which uses Exchange ActiveSync version 12.1 or newer, through which your mobile device users receive their email. These email servers will hereon be referred to as an ActiveSync Server. ZENworks supports both the Microsoft Exchange and GroupWise Mobility Servers.

After configuring the required ActiveSync Servers, to enable ZENworks to synchronize and manage the corporate email accounts on the enrolled device, you need to create and assign a Mobile Email Policy. It also entitles Android, iOS, and Windows devices enrolled to the ZENworks Server to send or receive corporate data through the ActiveSync Server. For more information, see Creating and Assigning a Mobile Email Policy.

NOTE:For users of the GroupWise mailing system where users are defined in the NetIQ eDirectory, ZENworks uses only those email addresses that are specified in the username@domain.com format. Also, LDAP Authentication should be enabled in your GroupWise system. For more information, see the GroupWise Online Documentation.