ZENworks Location Awareness Reference

  ZENworks Location Awareness Reference
    What Is Location Awareness?
    Understanding Configuration and Security Locations
      Configuration Location
      Security Location
    Configuring the Location Awareness Mode
      Location Awareness Lite vs. Location Awareness
      Configuring the Location Awareness Mode for the Zone
      Overriding the Zone’s Location Awareness Mode Setting on a Device Folder or Device
    Defining and Managing Network Environments
      Configuring Administrator Rights
      Defining Network Environments
      Managing Network Environments
      Backing Up Network Environments
    Creating and Managing Locations
      Configuring Administrator Rights
      Creating Locations
      Managing Locations
      Location and Network Environment Selection on a Managed Device
      Assigning Locations
      Startup Location
    Configuring the Closest Server Default Rule
    Adding Closest Servers to Locations
      Creating Closest Server Rules for a Location
      Creating Closest Server Rules for a Network Environment
      Using Closest Server Rules to Create Locations and Network Environments
    Legal Notice