ZENworks Control Center Reference

  ZENworks Control Center Reference
    Accessing ZENworks Control Center
      Accessing ZENworks Control Center
      Restricting Access to ZENworks Control Center
      Accessing ZENworks Control Center through Novell iManager
    Navigating ZENworks Control Center
    Customizing ZENworks Control Center
      Changing the Default Login Disable Values
      Changing the Timeout Value for ZENworks Control Center
      Using the Config.xml File to Modify ZENworks Control Center Settings
    Bookmarking ZENworks Control Center Locations
    Naming Conventions in ZENworks Control Center
    Organizing Devices into Folders and Groups
      Assignment Inheritance for Folders and Groups
    Using Message Logging
      Functionalities of Message Logger
      Message Severity
      Message Format
      Configuring Message Logger Settings
      Managing Messages
    Customizing ZENworks News Alerts
      Managing ZENworks News Alerts
      Configuring ZENworks News Settings
    Using the Credential Vault
      Adding a Credential
      Creating a Folder for Credentials
      Assigning Credential Rights
      Editing a Credential
      Renaming a Credential
      Moving a Credential to Another Folder
      Removing a Credential
    Using Quick Tasks
      Quick Tasks Types
      Initiating a Quick Task
      Cancelling, Stopping, or Hiding a Quick Task
    Using System Variables
      Understanding System Variables
      Adding System Variables
      Removing System Variables
      Editing System Variables
      Using System Variables
    Using Special System Variables
      Windows Special System Variables
      Login Script Special System Variables
      Novell eDirectory Attribute Special System Variables
      Microsoft Active Directory Attribute Special System Variables
      Language Variable Special System Variables
      ZENworks System Variables
    Installing ZCC Helper
      Troubleshooting ZCC Helper
    Troubleshooting ZENworks Control Center
    Legal Notice