2.0 Appliance Migration

To migrate a ZENworks 2017 Appliance to ZENworks 2020 , you need to copy the ZENworks data and appliance network settings from the ZENworks 2017 Appliance, deploy the ZENworks 2020 Appliance, and then transfer the ZENworks 2017 data to the ZENworks 2020 Appliance.

In a multi-appliance ZENworks system, the order of migration is important only if you are using the embedded PostgreSQL database. In this case, you need to migrate the appliance with the database first, followed by any other appliances. If you are using an external database, you can migrate appliances in any order.

IMPORTANT:If you are on a ZENworks 2017 Update x version and want to migrate to ZENworks 2020, before starting the migration, you need to ensure that the ZENworks 2020 Products or Suite licenses available in the Micro Focus Customer Center match the ZENworks 2017 Products or Suite licenses that are “Active” in the ZENworks 2017 zone. For more details, refer to TID 7023323 in the Micro Focus Knowledgebase.

To change the license state of a product, perform any of the following:

For Suite License: If you have Suite License Key, perform the following:

  1. In ZCC, click Configuration.

  2. In the Licenses panel, click ZENwork Suite if you have a suite license key.

  3. Specify the license key in the Suite License Key, and click Apply.


For a Product License Click a product to provide a product license key or to turn on the product evaluation before starting the Appliance migration.

For more information, see ZENworks Product Licensing Reference.

The following sections provide information on how to migrate ZENworks 2017Virtual Appliance to ZENworks 2020, Virtual Appliance: