6.3 ZENworks Database Scalability

The size and performance of the database is dependent on a number of factors, including number of managed devices, database hardware configuration, database features, and more. In the Micro Focus Superlab testing we have certified the database platforms to support a specific number of managed devices as shown in the table below. Depending on your hardware configuration, it is possible that your real-world results might vary.

Database Platform

Number of Devices

PostgreSQL (embedded on ZENworks Primary)

Up to 5,000

PostgreSQL (external)

Up to 20,000

Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Standard Edition

Up to 40,000

Oracle Enterprise Edition (with Partitioning) for information about partitioning, see Oracle Enterprise with Partitioning.

Up to 100,000

NOTE:Sybase is no longer supported as a database option in ZENworks 2020. The ZENworks 2020 update performs a forced migration to PostgreSQL.