11.10 Agent Deployment in VDI environment

Perform the following steps to prepare Master image:

  1. Install the Agent manually.

    NOTE:From ZENworks 2020 onwards, if ZENworks security configuration is enabled on the server to which the device will be registered, then ensure that you specify the authorization key during the agent installation.

  2. Back up the initial-web-service file from the %ZENworks_Home%\conf location.

  3. If you want to add a registration key, you can add in the initial-web-service file.

    The first line of the initial-web-service file contains the list of IP addresses and host names of the server to which this device has registered. Add the registration key in the second line.

  4. Unregister the device by using the zac unr command.

  5. Clear the Workstation GUID by using zac fsg -d command.

  6. Open the command prompt as an administrator, go to %ZENworks_Home%\bin\preboot folder, then run the ZISWIN.exe -w command to clear Image-safe Data.

  7. Clear the cache by using the zac cc command.

  8. Copy the backed up initial-web-service file to %ZENworks_Home%\conf location.

    IMPORTANT:Enable the Hostname Reconcile settings to ensure that the agent registration and reconciliation works in VDI environment.

    For more information, see Reconciling the Devices.

    Perform the following steps to create Master Image for linked clone desktop pool:

    NOTE:If you are creating a full clone image, then skip the following steps.

    1. Perform Step 1 to Step 8 as mentioned in the Agent Deployment in VDI environment.

    2. Stop the and change the Startup type to Manual.

    3. Create a batch file (for example, zenworks.bat) with the following commands:

      sc config "Novell ZENworks Agent Service" start= auto

      sc start "Novell ZENworks Agent Service"

    4. Copy the created batch file (zenworks.bat) to any location.

    5. Shutdown the device and take a snapshot.

    6. Specify the batch script path in the Post -synchronization script name, while creating the linked clone desktop pool. For example: C:\zenworks.bat

      The path of the batch file must be the same location that you copied in Step 8.d.

  9. Shutdown the device and take a snapshot.

IMPORTANT:For the existing pool, before recomposing perform Step 8.a to Step 8.e, then add the Post -synchronization script (Guest Customization > Post -synchronization script).

If VDI Solution is Citrix XenDesktop 7.x or later versions, perform the following to create Master Image:

  1. Install Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent on Windows devices.

  2. During installation, select Create Master Image.

  3. Reboot the device after Virtual Delivery Agent installation.

  4. Create a Custom Deployment Package with Registration Keys that enables Machine Name attribute under Reconcile Settings.

    To create registration keys with reconcile settings see, Creating a Registration Key.

  5. Download and install the Custom Deployment Package that is created in Step 4 and reboot the device.

  6. Log in to the device as an administrator.

  7. Verify that the device is not registered to the zone.

    NOTE:Agent service will not be started in the Master Image. In order to upgrade the VDI setup, install the agent once again on the Master Image.

  8. Go to %ZENWORKS_HOME%\conf and delete the DeviceData and DeviceGUID files.

  9. Clear ISD by using %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin\preboot\ziswin.exe

  10. Shutdown the device and take a snapshot.