E.2 Post Installation Troubleshooting

This section provides solutions to problems you might encounter after installing ZENworks .

Unable to access ZENworks Control Center on a ZENworks Primary Server running on SLES

Source: ZENworks; Installation.
Explanation: During the installation of ZENworks Server on a SLES device, if you have specified the port as 8080, the installation is successful. However, you might not be able to access the ZENworks Control Center.
Action: Perform the following steps on the SLES device on which you have installed the ZENworks Server:
  1. Start YaST.

  2. Click Firewall.

  3. In the Firewall Configuration Window, click Allowed Services.

  4. Click Advanced.

  5. In the Additional Allowed Ports dialog box, replace http-alt in the TCP Ports and UDP Ports options with 8080, then complete the Wizard.

Auto Launch ZENworks Control Center configuration does not work in SLES machine

Source: ZENworks; Installation.
Explanation: In the Post installation configuration, if the Auto launch ZCC option is selected, after installation, ZENworks Control Center does not launch automatically in SLES machines.
Action: Manually launch ZENworks Control Center.

Deployment of Antimalware Bundles, Windows Bundles, and Windows Policies with System Requirements Set Fails on Windows 10 or later Devices

Source: ZENworks 23.3 Update
Explanation: The deployment of Antimalware bundles, Windows bundles, and Windows policies with System Requirements Set fails on Windows (Windows 10 21H2 or later versions) as the OS version mapping information (21H2, 22H2 etc) was missing on the Primary Servers in the zone. This issue occurs whenever you add new primary server of 20.2 version.
Action: Add the missing entries in windowsVersionMapping.properties on the Primary Server, and then run the following configure action:

microfocus-zenworks-configure -c SettingsConfigureAction -Dtype=CustomOSTarget -Dadd

To add the missing entries, see Adding an entry in the windowsVersionMapping