5.0 Appliance Management

In Service Desk Appliance, a web based interface is provided to manage the Appliance. The user interface helps you to configure and perform operations on a Service Desk Server. Based on the logged-in user the tiles are displayed.

To manage Service Desk, see Section 6.0, System Management.

Service Desk Appliance enables you to reconfigure settings of the Appliance, such as administrative passwords, network settings, and certificate settings.

Service Desk Appliance supports root and sdadmin. You can use these users to perform any operations on ZENworks Service Desk Appliance. However, some operations can be performed only using the root user.

To manage Appliance:

  1. On a supported web browser, launch the URL to access the Management Console.

    The URL (https://<FQDN>:9443 or https://<ipaddress>:9443) that is displayed on the Appliance console.

  2. Specify the login with root credentials, then click Log in.

    The following options are displayed in the Appliance Configuration: