7.1 Configuring Adaptive Agent Features

The ZENworks Adaptive Agent utilizes various modules to perform functions on a device. These modules are referred to as the Adaptive Agent features. Each ZENworks 11 SP2 product has specific features associated with it, as shown in the following table. The ZENworks 11 SP2 products are listed in the left column; the other columns represent the Adaptive Agent features.


Asset Management

Bundle Management

Endpoint Security

Full Disk Encryption

Image Management

Patch Management

Policy Management

Remote Management

User Management

ZENworks Asset Management

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ZENworks Configuration Management


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ZENworks Endpoint Security Management



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ZENworks Full Disk Encryption




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ZENworks Patch Management






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By default, when you activate a ZENworks product, all of its Adaptive Agent features are installed and enabled. The one exception is ZENworks Asset Management, which does not automatically enable the User Management feature.

The User Management feature is only supported on Windows managed devices across all the ZENworks products.

If you do not want a feature installed or enabled on a device, you can uninstall it or disable it at the Management Zone, device folder, or individual device. For example, if you are using ZENworks Configuration Management and you don’t want to use Remote Management with any devices, you can disable it at the Management Zone. Or, if you have ZENworks Configuration Management and ZENworks Asset Management, but you do not want to use Asset Management on all devices, you can enable the Asset Management feature at the Management Zone and then disable (or uninstall) it on device folders or individual devices.

If you want to customize the Adaptive Agent features, either before you deploy the agent or after it is already deployed, the following sections provide instructions:

7.1.1 Customizing the Adaptive Agent Features

During initial deployment, the ZENworks Adaptive Agent installs and enables the features selected at the Management Zone level. After the agent registers, it then uses the settings defined at the device folder or device level (if they are different than the zone settings).

NOTE:Customizing Adaptive Agent features is not applicable to Macintosh devices.

The following steps explain how to customize settings at the Management Zone level. For information about customizing settings on a device folder or individual device, see Customizing the Agent Features in the ZENworks 11 Discovery, Deployment, and Retirement Reference.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Configuration tab.

    Configuration tab > Device Management panel
  2. In the Management Zone Settings panel, click Device Management, then click ZENworks Agent.

  3. In the Agent Features panel:

    • If you do not want to install a feature, deselect Installed next to a feature. The selected feature is not installed on the device. If you choose to deselect all the features, then only the core agent is installed.

    • If you want to install but disable a feature, select Installed and Disabled next to a feature. The feature is installed on the device, but it is nonfunctional.

    The installation of Bundle Management, Remote Management, or User Management features requires a reboot of your device. The installation of Image Management feature requires a reboot only on Windows 2008 and Windows Vista. You are prompted to reboot your device based on the selected reboot option.

  4. To save the changes, click OK.

7.1.2 Coexisting with the ZENworks Desktop Management Agent

You can deploy the ZENworks Adaptive Agent to devices that have the ZENworks Desktop Agent installed.

The ZENworks Adaptive Agent and the ZENworks Desktop Agent can coexist on the same device, but only to support the use of ZENworks 11 SP2 Asset Management with ZENworks Desktop Management. In this case, when you deploy the Adaptive Agent to a device that has the ZENworks Desktop Agent installed, you should only use the Adaptive Agent features that are not associated with ZENworks Configuration Management; do not use the Bundle Management, Image Management, Policy Management, Remote Management, or User Management features. If you select any of these features, the ZENworks Desktop Agent is uninstalled before the Adaptive Agent is installed.

For more information on the coexistence of the ZENworks Adaptive Agent and ZENworks Desktop Agent, see ZENworks Adaptive Agent Deployment in the ZENworks 11 Discovery, Deployment, and Retirement Reference.