Product Description

ZENworks Asset Management 2017 integrates network discovery, hardware and software inventory, software usage, license reconciliation, and contract management to provide the most complete, accurate view of software installations and license compliance available. The combination of hardware, software, and purchasing data enables you to get a complete view of your IT assets. This ensures license compliance and eliminates software overspending, so you purchase only the licenses your organization needs.

Key Features

For detailed information about the capabilities provided by the ZENworks Asset Management 2017, refer to the product documentation:

  • Identify devices for your ZENworks Asset Management system by discovering them in your network and deploying the ZENworks Adaptive Agent software to them
  • Collect extensive software and hardware inventory from devices
  • Track usage of software applications (including run time, active time, logged in user, machine, and application used) discovered during inventory collection
  • Import and enter software purchase records, define license entitlements, attach supporting documentation, reconcile discovered software products to entitlements, and track ongoing compliance status
  • Track license compliance by using either device-based license models or user-based license models
  • Define and track IT contract details, including key dates and vendor, financial, SLA, lease, and renewal information; attach related documents; associate contracts with assets, licenses, and demographic data; and create automated e-mail notifications for specified dates
  • Generate reports for software usage, license management, and contract management

File Description

Filename Product
ZENworks2017a.iso Installation of ZENworks 2017 or upgrading a ZENworks 11.4.x Primary Server to ZENworks 2017. ZENworks 2017 includes ZENworks Asset Management, ZENworks Configuration Management, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, ZENworks Full Disk Encryption and ZENworks Patch Management.
Deployment of ZENworks Virtual Appliance 2017 or upgrading ZENworks 11 SP4 Appliance to ZENworks Virtual Appliance 2017. ZENworks Diagnostic Center tool
Deployment of ZENworks Virtual Reporting Appliance 6.2.1, migrating, or upgrading from ZENworks Reporting 5.6.1 to ZENworks Reporting 6.2.1.
Contains installation information to allow iOS 11 devices to enroll to the ZENworks 2017 server. For more information, see the ZENworks 2017 Evaluator's Guide.

System Requirements

For ZENworks 2017 system requirements, see ZENworks 2017 System Requirements.

Downloading the Software

To download any of the files except the ZENworks Virtual Appliance image:

  1. If the download page displays a Proceed to Download button, you are not logged in yet. Click the button to log in. After you log in, you are returned to the download page.
  2. Click the Download button next to a file you want to download.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to download the file to a directory on your device.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have downloaded all the files you need.

To download the ZENworks Virtual Appliance image:

  1. Do one of the following to download the ZENworks Virtual Appliance files to a temporary directory on your device:
    • Download the ZENworks Virtual Appliance OVA file.
    • Download the multi-part ZENworks Virtual Appliance ZIP files, then create the ZENworks Virtual Appliance OVA file:
      1. On the Download page, click the Download button next to to download the file to a temporary directory on your device.
      2. Download,,, and to the temporary directory that contains
      3. Extract by using 7-zip or WinZip 9.x.
        This task automatically merges all the multi-part ZENworks Virtual Appliance ZIP files and creates the ZENworks2017a_Appliance-x86_64.ova file.
  2. Import the ZENworks Virtual Appliance OVA file, then deploy it to a virtual infrastructure.

For detailed information on how to deploy the ZENworks Virtual Appliance, see the ZENworks Virtual Appliance Deployment and Administration Reference on the ZENworks 2017 Documentation Website.

Installing or Upgrading the Product

For the complete product installation and upgrade instructions, see the ZENworks 2017 Documentation Website.


When you install ZENworks 2017, all products (Asset Management, Configuration Management, Endpoint Security Management, Full Disk Encryption, and Patch Management,) are installed. During the installation, you are asked for a license code to activate the product. If you do not have a license code for a product, you can activate it in the evaluation mode. The evaluation mode lasts 60 days, after which you must either discontinue the use of the product or provide a valid license code. No reinstallation of the software is required when you move from an evaluation license to a full license.

Patch Management is activated for patch downloads only if you provide the patch subscription license key, which you must purchase independently. You can provide the subscription license key during the installation or later through ZENworks Control Center. The Patch Management trial period starts when you activate it. You can choose to activate Patch Management at a later time. The evaluation period will last for 60 days from the day of activation. To purchase a subscription license, see the ZENworks Patch Management Product Website. ZENworks Patch Management 2017 can be installed as a stand-alone product and does not require Configuration Management to be installed.

Known Issues

For a list of known issues, see the ZENworks 2017 Readme.

Legal Notices

For trademark and copyright information, see Legal Notices.