A.0 Troubleshooting

The following sections provides solutions to the problems you might encounter while deploying and Configuring ZENworks Appliance:

Registration of Product Upgrade fails using the local SMT

Source: ZENworks 2017
Explanation: If you are registering using Local SMT, then the Error running postupgrade script1 message might be displayed as shown in the below image:
Action: To resolve the issue, perform the following steps:
  1. In the appliance, run the zypper lr –u command. If any old repositories are listed, then ensure that you remove all the older repositories by running the zypper rr command.

  2. Run the following commands to manually add the repositories:

    • ZEN-Appliance-2017-OS-SLES12-SP3: zypper ar 'http://<SMT_HOST_NAME>/repo/$RCE/ZEN-Appliance-2017-OS-SLES12-SP3/sle-12-sp3-x86_64?credentials=SMT-http_<SMT_HOST_NAME>/' <alias>

    • ZEN-Appliance-2017-Product-SLES12-SP3: zypper ar 'http://<SMT_HOST_NAME>/repo/$RCE/ZEN-Appliance-2017-Product-SLES12-SP3/sle-12-sp3-x86_64?credentials=SMT-http_<SMT_HOST_NAME>/' <alias>


    • Replace <SMT_HOST_NAME> with your local SMT Hostname.

    • Replace <alias> with your preferred alias.

  3. After adding the repositories, restart the upgrade process from the ZENworks Appliance home page.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Form too large error message is displayed

Source: ZENworks Appliance.
Explanation: If the size of a file that is displayed in the Advanced Configuration tab exceeds the default value of 400000 Bytes (~ 400KB), the following error message is displayed:

java.lang.IllegalStateException:Form too large

Action: Increase the form content size parameter in the start.ini file:
  1. Go to /opt/novell/jetty8

  2. Open the start.ini file.

  3. Search for the Dorg.eclipse.jetty.server.Request.maxFormContentSize parameter and increase the value.

  4. Stop the jetty server using the rcnovell-jetty stop command.

  5. Start the jetty server using the rcnovell-jetty start command.

Mouse not being detected or not working on Citrix XenServer

Source: ZENworks Appliance.
Explanation: If you deploy the ZENworks Appliance OVA file to a Citirx XenServer, after deployment, the mouse might not be detected or might not work.
Action: On the Citrix XenCenter console, run the SaX2 -r -a command.