Novell AppArmor Administration Guide

  Novell AppArmor Administration Guide
    Documentation Conventions
    Immunizing Programs
      Introducing the AppArmor Framework
      Determining Programs to Immunize
      Immunizing cron Jobs
      Immunizing Network Applications
    Profile Components and Syntax
      Breaking a Novell AppArmor Profile into Its Parts
      #include Statements
      Capability Entries (POSIX.1e)
    Building and Managing Profiles with YaST
      Adding a Profile Using the Wizard
      Manually Adding a Profile
      Editing Profiles
      Deleting a Profile
      Updating Profiles from Log Entries
      Managing Novell AppArmor and Security Event Status
    Building Profiles from the Command Line
      Checking the AppArmor Module Status
      Building AppArmor Profiles
      Adding or Creating an AppArmor Profile
      Editing an AppArmor Profile
      Deleting an AppArmor Profile
      Two Methods of Profiling
      Paths and Globbing
      File Permission Access Modes
      Important Filenames and Directories
    Profiling Your Web Applications Using ChangeHat
      Apache ChangeHat
      Configuring Apache for mod_apparmor
    Managing Profiled Applications
      Monitoring Your Secured Applications
      Configuring Security Event Notification
      Configuring Reports
      Reacting to Security Event Rejections
      Maintaining Your Security Profiles
      Updating Novell AppArmor Online
      Using the Man Pages
      For More Information
      Reporting Bugs for AppArmor
    Background Information on AppArmor Profiling