B.1 January 28, 2013 (Mobility Pack 1.2.5)



Throughout the guide

Removed references to using other Data Synchronizer connectors with a Synchronizer system that is created by installing the Mobility Pack.

Synchronizer Web Admin

Section 2.3.7, Changing the LDAP Server for Authentication

Explained how to configure Synchronizer Web Admin to access a different LDAP server.

Section 2.3.8, Using Synchronizer Web Admin with a Single Sign-On Solution

Introduced WSTrust as a supported single sign-on solution.

Section 2.3.9, Accessing Synchronizer Web Admin When the LDAP Server Is Inaccessible

Explained how to log in to Synchronizer Web Admin when the LDAP server is unavailable.

Synchronizer System Management

Section 3.1, Monitoring Your Synchronizer System

Introduced the new Global Status Monitor that is available as a preview feature.

Section 3.4.3, Logging Levels

Explained the improved system of logging levels.

Section 3.5, Diagnosing Synchronization Problems

Introduced the MCheck utility.

Section 3.10, Managing Anonymous Feedback

Introduced the opportunity to submit anonymous feedback about your Synchronizer system to Novell to help improve synchronization performance.

User Management

Section 4.0, User Management

Explained that users are now managed on a Synchronizer system level, rather than being associated with individual connectors.

Section 4.3, Managing Resources

Explained that resources can be added to your Synchronizer system in the same way as users.

System Security

Securing Synchronizer Web Admin

Suggested that Synchronizer Web Admin can be protected behind a single sign-on solution.