B.1 January 28, 2013 (Mobility Pack 1.2.5)



Throughout the guide

Removed references to using other Data Synchronizer connectors with a Synchronizer system that is created by installing the Mobility Pack.

Mobility Pack Product Overview

Section 1.1, Synchronizer Components

Updated the system diagrams to show that the GroupWise Connector and the Mobility Connector now communicate directly with each other for improved performance.

Section 1.2.3, Multiple Synchronizer Server System

Suggested using virtual machines when you need to support more users than a single Synchronizer server can accommodate.

Section 1.3.1, Data Synchronizer Server Requirements

Removed SLES 11 Service Pack 1 from the list of supported operating systems.

Section 1.3.5, Mobile Device Requirements

Added Windows 8 as a supported operating system.

Section 1.3.6, Recommended Number of Devices

Increased the recommended number of devices for a Synchronizer server from 500 to 750.

Mobility Pack Installation

Section 2.1.5, Planning How To Add Resources

Introduced synchronizing resource mailboxes.

Section 2.4, Integrating with Novell ZENworks Mobile Management

Improved the instructions for using ZENworks Mobile Management to manage mobile devices used by GroupWise users.

Mobility Update

Section 3.2.2, Running the Mobility Pack Update Script

Explained the new prompts that the Update script provides for changing the default logging level and for submitting anonymous feedback about your Synchronizer system to Novell.