3.2 Installing the Mobility Pack Update

The following sections help you install and run the Mobility Pack update:

3.2.1 Using Patch CD Update in YaST

  1. On your Linux desktop, click Computer > YaST.

  2. Enter the root password.

  3. Under Groups, click Software, then click Patch CD Update.

  4. Click Next to start the update.

  5. Select Local ISO Image, then click Next.

  6. In the Repository Name field, specify a name for the repository for the Mobility Pack update software.

  7. In the Path to ISO Image field, specify the full path name to the Mobility Pack update ISO file, then click Next.

  8. Select Yes to accept the License Agreement, then click Next.

  9. On the Migration Repositories page, click Next.

  10. On the Distribution Upgrade Settings page, click Next.

  11. In the Confirm Update dialog box, click Start Update.

  12. On the Novell Customer Center Configuration page, select Configure Now, click Next, wait while the configuration takes place, then click OK when the configuration is complete.

    This creates and enables the Mobility-1.2-Updates channel.


    If you prefer not to configure the Synchronizer server for automatic updates now, click Configure Later, then click Next.

    When you want to start receiving automatic updates, follow the instructions in Section 3.2.3, Registering for Automatic Updates Later.

  13. On the Installation Completed page, click Finish.

  14. Reboot the Synchronizer server.

  15. Continue with Running the Mobility Pack Update Script.

3.2.2 Running the Mobility Pack Update Script

Running the Update script updates the Synchronizer database (datasync) and the Mobility database (mobility) for use with the updated software.

  1. Change to the following directory:

  2. Make sure that PostgreSQL is running:

    rcpostgresql status
  3. Run the Update script:

    1. Enter the following command:


      For some version updates, the update process finishes quickly. However, when the version update includes database schema modifications, the update process can be lengthy for a large database. You are prompted for confirmation to update:

      The update process may take some time and the Novell Data Synchronizer services will be shut down during this process. Are you sure you want to update Novell Data Synchronizer?
    2. Enter yes to start the update.

      Starting in Mobility Pack 1.2.5, the logging levels have been improved, so that the Info logging level provides sufficient logging for a typical Synchronizer system. If you have set the logging level to Debug in an earlier version, you can now set it to Info and still get the logging you need to manage your Synchronizer system.

      IMPORTANT:Info is the default logging level and is strongly recommended because it balances the amount of data logged, the amount of disk space required for log files, and the load on the Synchronizer system.

      For more information about logging levels, see Working with Log Files in Synchronizer System Management in the Mobility Pack Administration Guide.

      The Update script prompts you:

      Reset logging level for all Mobility Pack Services to Info?
    3. Enter yes to reset the logging level to Info for all Synchronizer components.

      Starting in Mobility Pack 1.2.5, you can contribute to the gathering of anonymous usage data about your Synchronizer system to help improve the Data Synchronizer product. For more information, see Managing Anonymous Feedback in Synchronizer System Management in the Mobility Pack Administration Guide.

      The Update script prompts you:

      Enable anonymous information to be automatically sent to Novell to improve your GroupWise mobile experience?
    4. Enter yes to participate in the gathering of anonymous feedback.

      The Update script now shuts down the Synchronizer services, updates the Synchronizer database, then restarts the Synchronizer services.

      For some version updates, the update process finishes quickly. However, the update process can take longer for a large database.

      IMPORTANT:Do not cancel this process, even if it takes a very long time. Cancelling the process before it finishes can cause damage to the Mobility database.

When the Update script finishes, your updated Synchronizer system is ready for use.

3.2.3 Registering for Automatic Updates Later

If you choose not to configure the Synchronizer server to receive automatic updates when you update from Mobility Pack 1.1.x to Mobility Pack 1.2.x, you can perform the configuration at your convenience at a later time, perhaps when the next update becomes available.

Obtaining the Mobility Pack Activation Code

  1. Log in to the Novell Customer Center.

  2. In the Select an Organization to Manage drop-down list, select your organization that is entitled to the Mobility Pack.

  3. Under My Products, select Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack version_number.

    Replace version_number is the current Mobility Pack version number.

  4. Locate the Mobility Pack activation code and save it for future reference.

Registering to Receive the Update

  1. In a terminal window on the Synchronizer server, enter the following command:

    suse_register -a regcode-mobility=registration_code 
                           -a email=email_address -L /root/.suse_register.log

    Replace registration_code with the Mobility Pack activation code that you obtained from the Novell Customer Center in Obtaining the Mobility Pack Activation Code.

    Replace email_address with the email address that you used to log in to the Novell Customer Center.

    Notifications about future Mobility Pack updates will be sent to this email address. You can then choose when to install each update.

  2. Enter the following command to verify that the Novell Update channel for the Mobility Pack has been added on your Synchronizer server:

    zypper ca

    This command lists all product-specific channels where you are registered to receive updates. The following Mobility Pack update channel should be listed:




Installing the Update

When you are notified that the next update is available:

  1. Enter the following command:

    zypper up -r nu_novell_com:Mobility-1.2-Updates

    Several Mobility Pack packages are listed for update through the channel.

  2. Enter yes to start the update process.