1.1 Synchronizer Components

A Synchronizer system consists of several components that are installed together on one server when you install the Mobility Pack.

Data Synchronizer components

1.1.1 Synchronization Engine

The Synchronizer Sync Engine (datasync-syncengine) is a service that coordinates some aspects of data flow between the GroupWise Connector and the Mobility Connector. Other aspects of data flow are currently optimized by having the GroupWise Connector and the Mobility Connector communicate directly with each other.

1.1.2 Web Administration Service

The Synchronizer Web Admin service (datasync-webadmin) provides a Web-based interface called Synchronizer Web Admin for administration and management of your Synchronizer system. When you log in to Synchronizer Web Admin as the Synchronizer administrator, you can:

  • Configure your Synchronizer system

  • Configure the connectors

  • Monitor the connectors

  • Add and remove users, resources, and groups for synchronization

Users can log in to the Synchronizer Web Admin URL using their personal network login credentials to access the Synchronizer User Options page. Here, users can:

  • Select which GroupWise personal address books to synchronize

  • Select which types of GroupWise items to synchronize

  • Select which GroupWise folders to synchronize

For more information about the User Options page of Synchronizer Web Admin, see the Mobility Quick Start.

1.1.3 Configuration Engine

The Synchronizer Config Engine (datasync-configengine) provides communication between Synchronizer Web Admin and the Sync Engine. The Config Engine passes configuration information from the Sync Engine to Synchronizer Web Admin for viewing, and it passes your configuration changes back to the Sync Engine for implementation.

1.1.4 Connector Manager

The Synchronizer Connector Manager (datasync-connectors) provides communication between the Sync Engine and connectors.

1.1.5 Connectors

The Mobility Pack includes the GroupWise Connector, which communicates with the POA to obtain the contents of users’ mailboxes, and the Mobility Connector, which synchronizes GroupWise data to mobile devices.

The following GroupWise items can be synchronized:

  • Email messages

  • Appointments

  • Address books

  • Contacts

  • Reminder notes

  • Discussion notes

  • Tasks

  • Folders

The Synchronizer User Options page lets you prevent selected item types from being synchronized.

Initially, existing GroupWise items are synchronized to mobile devices. As time passes, the following events can affect existing items in GroupWise and on mobile devices. The resulting changes in the items are also synchronized:

  • Add

  • Modify

  • Move

  • Delete