20.2 Viewing the Error Log

The Error Log view can help you troubleshoot. If something isn’t working, messages written to the error log might help you. The log is named .log. It is a hidden file.

To view the error log, you can use menus or browse the file system.

20.2.1 Browsing the File System

  1. Browse to your Designer workspace.

    In Windows, the log file is typically in subfolders in the /eclipse/workspace/.metadata directory.

    In Linux, the log file is typically in the Home directory, in the /eclipse/workspace/.metadata directory.

  2. Open the log file.

20.2.2 Using Menus

  1. Select Window > Show View > Other > PDE Runtime > Error Log.

  2. Click OK.

If you view the log through the application, a list of messages displays.

Figure 20-1 The Error Log

For a description of the icons located in the upper right corner of the Error Log view, see Error Log View in the Understanding Designer for Identity Manager.

The following options are available when you right-click inside the Error Log view:

Table 20-1 Right-Click Options in the Error Log View




Enables you to copy event details to the clipboard.

Clear Log Viewer

Clears all the entries in the Error Log viewer.

Delete Log

Deletes all items in the Error Log.

Open Log

Opens an error log entry.

Restore Log

Enables you to restore log entries that have been previously cleared.

Export Log

Enables you to export the Error Log to a location on the file system.

Import Log

Enables you to import a file from the file system to the Error Log.

Event Details

Opens the Event Details window.

To sort messages in the Error Log view, click the appropriate header bar.

20.2.3 Event Details

To view event details:

  1. Double-click an error log message.


    Right-click an error log message, then click Event Details.

The following functionalities are available in the Event Details window:

Table 20-2 Event Details Window




Displays the date and time the error occurred.


States the severity of the error.


Displays the message of the error.

View Details of Previous Event

Up and down arrows that enable you to scroll through the event details of each event in the error log.


Enables you to copy event details to the clipboard.

Exception Stack Trace

Displays Exception Stack Trace (if available).

Session Data

Provides relevant session data.

20.2.4 Customizing Filter Settings

To access the Log Filters window:

  1. On the Error Log view toolbar, click the Menu icon.

  2. Click Filters.

The following functionalities are available in the Log Filters window:

Table 20-3 Log Filters Window



Event Types

Set what type of information you want displayed in the error log. The error log can be configured to display any combination of Information, Warnings, and Errors.

Limit Visible Events

Set a limit on how many events you want displayed in the error log at one time.

Show Events Logged During:

Specify whether to show events logged during all sessions, or your most recent session.