4.8 Configuring Jobs

Designer has a job scheduling utility to schedule events. Through this utility, the system can be set to disable an account on a specific day, or to initiate a workflow to request an extension for a person’s access to a corporate resource. Designer’s job scheduler contains the same functionality as the job scheduler found in iManager. For information on creating jobs, see Section 13.1, Creating a Job.

In the Outline view, right-click the Job icon, then select Properties.

4.8.1 General

You have one selection under the General heading: Policy Name. You can change the job’s name by modifying the name that appears in the Policy Name entry. Then click OK.

4.8.2 Trace

Through the Modeler, you can add a trace level to your jobs. With the trace level set, DS Trace displays the Identity Manager events as the engine processes the events. The trace level only affects the driver where it is set.

WARNING:You should use the trace level only for testing or for troubleshooting driver issues. Setting a driver trace level on a production driver can cause Identity Manager server to process events slowly.

Table 4-18 describes the Job trace settings:

Table 4-18 Job Trace Settings



Trace level

As the job trace level increases, the amount of information displayed in DS Trace increases.

Trace level 1 shows errors, but not the cause of the errors. To see password synchronization information, set the trace level to 5.

Trace file

Specify a filename and location where the Identity Manager information is written for the selected driver. When a value is set in this field, all Java information for the job is written to file.

As long as the file is specified, Java information is written to this file. If you do not need to debug Java, leave this field blank.

Trace File Encoding

The trace file uses the system’s default encoding. You can specify another encoding if desired.

This option is only available if the job is on a driver or driver set associated with a server that is version 3.6 or newer.

Trace file size limit

Allows you to set a limit for the Java trace file. If you set the file size to Unlimited, the file grows in size until no disk space is available.

NOTE:The trace file is created in multiple files. Identity Manager automatically divides the maximum file size by ten and creates ten separate files. The combined size of these files equals the maximum trace file size.

Trace name

Helps you track job trace messages. The name that you specify here appears with the job trace messages.

For more information about viewing as saving trace information with DS Trace, see Section 4.7.8, Driver Trace Levels.