9.8 Starting a Policy Run

Policies can be enforced automatically based on the schedule that is associated with the policy, or they can be run on demand.

9.8.1 Scheduling a Policy Run

For information about scheduling a policy to run, see Section 10.6, Associating or Disassociating Schedules and Policies.

9.8.2 Running a Policy on Demand for a Selected Pair

To manually start a policy run for a selected pair:

  1. In the Management Console, connect to the DynamicFS server that you want to manage.

  2. Click the Pairs folder under the server to view the list of pairs for the server in the right panel.

  3. Ensure that the pair is in the Idle state.

    If other policies are running, you can wait until the policy run ends, or you can manually stop the policy run.

  4. Double-click the pair name to open the Statistics dialog box.

  5. Select one or more policies, then right-click and select Execute now.

    To select multiple policies, hold down the Shift key or Control key while selecting policies. The policy run applies only for the selected pair.

  6. Monitor the policy run by viewing the progress in the Scan Progress bar.

  7. After the run is complete, you can view statistical information about the run by clicking the Policy Execution History tab and pressing F5 to refresh the screen.

    You can also close the Statistics dialog box and re-open it to get the updated view of the policy run.