A.4 Synchronization Best Practices

A.4.1 Synchronization Priorities

  • Synchronize the most frequently accessed files and folders first so that they are accessible and searchable in Filr.

A.4.2 Never Overlap Synchronizations

  • Make sure that Net Folder synchronizations never overlap.

    Each synchronization must have time to complete before another starts. Of course, completion time depends on the size and number of Net Folders being synced.

A.4.3 Limit Synchronization Size

  • Do not synchronize more than 10 Million files at a time.

A.4.4 Utilize Just-in-Time Synchronization Rather than Scheduled Synchronizations

A.4.5 JITS Settings

In general, JITS settings should be based on the environment.

They can be set in the Synchronization Options tab for a Net Folder Server or in the Configuration tab for a Net Folder.

  • Maximum Age for Just-inTime Results: This is set to 60 seconds by default.

    This means that Filr will not check with the back-end file server for changes to the requested folder if the previous JITS request was less than 1 minute ago.

    Considering that the files on back-end file servers are mostly static, set this value to 300 seconds (5 minutes).

  • Maximum Age for ACL Just-in-Time Results: This is set for 3600 Seconds by default.

    This means that JITS will retrieve ACL changes on your back-end file server when the last JITS request was more than one hour ago (3600 seconds).

    Keep this setting at the default.

A.4.6 If a Manual Net Folder Synchronization Is Required

  • If a manual Net Folder synchronization is required for some reason, synchronize only a limited number of Net Folders and never more than 10 million files at a time.

    For help, see Manually Synchronizing a Net Folder.