7.5 About File-Content Searchability

7.5.1 FAQs

  • When Does Content Indexing Begin? After all file and folder metadata has been indexed for accessibility.

  • Is My Files Content Searchable? Files in Personal Storage are always searchable. This cannot be disabled. Files in home folders and personal storage are not indexed for searchability by default, but this can be changed either at the Home Net Folder Server level or for individual users.

  • What About Net Folders? Net Folders must be enabled for indexing as described in Creating and Managing Net Folder Servers and Creating and Modifying Net Folders in the Filr 3.43.4: Administrative UI Reference.

7.5.2 Content Indexing Is Resource-Intensive

Although content indexing is performed as a background process, it is resource-intensive.

Depending on the number of files, initial content indexing can take hours or even days.

It is vital to carefully define your organization’s content-indexing scope by carefully identifying exactly which files your organization requires to be content-searchable.

7.5.3 More Information

For an overview of when indexing occurs in conjunction with Net Folder synchronization, see Net Folder Synchronization Detail Overview.

Filr indexing is also discussed in Managing the Lucene Index in the Filr 3.43.4: Administrative UI Reference.