36.1 DVA Configurations

The following DVA configurations are possible, depending on the document conversion needs of your GroupWise users:

36.1.1 Basic DVA Installation

The DVA can be installed and configured along with the POA when you create a new post office. For background information, see Adding a Post Office in the GroupWise 18 Installation Guide. You can also add the DVA to an existing post office where no DVA was originally set up.

Basic DVA installation

When you install WebAccess on a web server, you configure the WebAccess Application to communicate with any DVA in your GroupWise system.

WebAccess communicating with the DVA in a post office

36.1.2 Multiple DVAs for a Post Office

One DVA might provide sufficient indexing performance for the users in a post office, but you might want to protect against the downtime that would occur if the DVA became unavailable. Installing more than one DVA enables you to set up fail-over support to make document conversion and indexing more reliable.

Multiple DVAs for a post office

For more information about this configuration, see Configuring the POA with Multiple DVAs for Indexing.

36.1.3 Multiple DVAs for WebAccess

If GroupWise WebAccess users display a large number of attached documents, you can install and configure multiple DVAs to service the WebAccess Application so that attached documents can be displayed more promptly.

Multiple DVAs for WebAccess

For more information about this configuration, see Configuring WebAccess Application with Multiple DVAs for Attachment Viewing.

36.1.4 Multiple Shared DVAs

When you install multiple DVAs, they can be accessed by both POAs and WebAccess Applications if that works well for your GroupWise system configuration.

Multiple DVAs for a post office and WebAccess