3.4 Sending Notes

Notes are like mail messages, except they are scheduled for a particular day and appear on the Calendar for that date. You can use notes to show vacations, holidays, paydays, birthdays, and so forth.

3.4.1 Posting a Note for Yourself

A note to yourself is called a personal note. Personal notes are placed in your Calendar on the date you specify. They are not placed in your Mailbox or in any other user's Mailbox.

  1. In the Calendar, tap , then tap New Note.

  2. Tap to change the note to a personal note.

  3. Select a date.

  4. Type a subject and message.

  5. Tap Post.

The note is added to your Calendar on the specified date.

3.4.2 Sending a Note to Other Users

  1. In the Calendar, tap , then tap New Note.

  2. In the To box, start typing the recipient’s user name. GroupWise attempts to match the typed name to names in your frequent contacts list. If you see the correct match, tap the name to add it to the recipients list, or continue typing the recipient’s email address.


    Tap to display a list of your frequent contacts, then tap a name to add it to the recipient list.

  3. Tap the Cc/Bc box to add carbon copy recipients and blind copy recipients.

    Carbon copy recipients (CC) receive a copy of an item. All recipients can see that a carbon copy was sent. They can also see the names of the CC recipients.

    Blind copy recipients (BC) receive a copy of an item. Other recipients receive no information about blind copies. Only the sender and the blind copy recipient know that a blind copy was sent. If a recipient replies and chooses Reply to All, blind copy recipients do not receive the reply.

  4. Select the Calendar date for the note. The note is displayed on this date in the recipients’ Calendar.

  5. Type a subject and message.

  6. If you want to specify Send options (Classification, Priority, Reply Request, and Return Notification), tap .

    For descriptions of the Send options, see Setting Send Options.

  7. Tap Send on the toolbar.