33.0 Using the Multi-User Calendar

The Multi-User Calendar allows you to see a combined schedule for users and resources in a graphical day, week, month, year, or multi-user column view (the Multi-User Columns view is a day view that displays the schedule for each user in his or her own column). You can easily select and deselect users and resources so that their appointments are displayed or not displayed in the combined view. For example, you can use a Multi-User Calendar to see your colleagues' schedules or to check the availability of your company's conference rooms at a certain time.

In versions of GroupWise prior to GroupWise 18, the Multi-User Calendar allows you to see only the Multi-User Columns view (the view that displays the day schedule for each user in his or her own column). Likewise, if you create a Multi-User Calendar in a previous version of GroupWise and then upgrade to GroupWise 18, you are able to see the Multi-User Calendar only in the Day view. You must create a new Multi-User Calendar in order to see the calendar in multiple views.

IMPORTANT:You must have the appropriate Proxy rights for each user or resource in order to include them in a Multi-User Calendar. (See Mailbox and Calendar Access for Proxy Users.) For example, if you do not have Read rights for appointments, you cannot see another person’s schedule in the Multi-User Calendar.