15.1 Integrating Zoom with GroupWise

You can integrate Zoom meetings into GroupWise, which enables you to schedule appointments in GroupWise that interface with the Zoom platform. When Zoom Integration is enabled, it works in the same manner as scheduling, sending, modifying or canceling traditional GroupWise meeting appointments with the exception of links in the email chain that interface with a Zoom account to access the Zoom online platform.

Requirements. The following requirements must be met before you can begin scheduling meetings in Zoom from GroupWise:

  • Create a Zoom account

  • Enable Zoom Integration in the GroupWise Client

  • Authorize the GroupWise Connection for Zoom in your Zoom account

Once Zoom is integrated with GroupWise, appointments scheduled with the Zoom option enabled are added to the GroupWise calendar and create a meeting in the Zoom platform. The scheduled meeting can then also be viewed in Zoom online by logging in to the associated Zoom account.

To integrate Zoom with GroupWise:

  1. If you do not already have a Zoom account, create one on the Zoom website: https://zoom.us/.

  2. Open the GroupWise client on the same device where you installed Zoom.

  3. Navigate to Tools > Options and double-click Environment.

  4. In the General tab of the Environment dialog box, select Enable Zoom Integration, and click OK.

You are now ready to begin scheduling meetings in Zoom directly from the GroupWise Client. For information, see Scheduling Meetings with Zoom.

NOTE:You will be prompted to sign-in to Zoom and authorize you GroupWise Connection for Zoom the first time you interact with Zoom in GroupWise. For information, see Enabling the GroupWise Connection for Zoom.

For information about disabling Zoom integration with GroupWise, see Removing Zoom Integration.