26.3 Scheduling Meetings with Zoom

If you have a Zoom account and Zoom Integration enabled in GroupWise, you can schedule, modify, and cancel appointments directly from GroupWise. For information about enabling Zoom in GroupWise, see Integrating Zoom with GroupWise.

After you schedule the meeting through the GroupWise appointment process, the meeting will appear on your GroupWise calendar like any other appointment. However, you can also view meetings scheduled with Zoom by logging in to the your Zoom account.

NOTE:The first time you interact with Zoom via GroupWise appointments, you will be prompted to sign in to your Zoom account and authorize GroupWise integration in Zoom. Once you have authorized GroupWise integration in your Zoom account, GroupWise will automatically log into Zoom when you schedule, edit, or delete an appointment that has the Zoom option enabled in the appointment. If you’re unsure about your Zoom connection, right-click in the Appointment window and log in if the pop-up has, “Log in to Zoom” as opposed to “Log out of Zoom”.

26.3.1 Scheduling a Zoom Meeting in GroupWise

With a Zoom account and Zoom Integration enabled in GroupWise, you can schedule Zoom meetings directly from GroupWise using a GroupWise appointment. Once scheduled, the appointments display in your calendar like any other GroupWise appointment.

To schedule a Zoom meeting in GroupWise:

  1. Follow the applicable instructions through Step 9 for “Scheduling an Appointment for Multiple People.”

  2. Select the zoom check box in the Appointment window.

    This will enable Zoom Options in the flyout panel on the right-side of the window. You can retain the default settings or modify them, but these changes will only apply to the current appointment.

    NOTE:If you want to change the default settings that show up when scheduling a new appointment, you need to make those changes in your Zoom account. However, you can only enable or disable those settings that show up in Zoom Options. You cannot add additional Zoom settings to Zoom Options in GroupWise.

    For information about using Zoom, see the Zoom Learning Center.

  3. Click Send on the toolbar to schedule the meeting.

    Once you send the meeting appointment, an invite link is automatically included in the email for the recipients, as well as additional instructions. This link will authorize invited recipients access to the meeting when it occurs.

  4. Sign-in to your Zoom account, if prompted, or to see that your meeting has been scheduled in Zoom. The meeting will also be displayed on your GroupWise calendar.

    NOTE:If this is the first appointment you are scheduling in the current GroupWise session using Zoom integration, you will be prompted to sign in to Zoom. The same holds true if you open the Option flyout panel with zoom selected, before sending the appointment.

You can start the meeting either from a link in the GroupWise appointment or by logging into your Zoom account.

26.3.2 Modifying or Canceling Zoom Meetings

You can modify Zoom meetings that you scheduled in GroupWise in the same manner that you modify other GroupWise appointments for multiple people. The change is also updated in your Zoom account. However, in the case of canceling (deleting) an appointment with a Zoom meeting, the following differences apply:

  • The appointment is deleted from all recipients mailboxes by default (and from Zoom). The option to choose if this happens is disabled.

  • If you attempt to delete (or edit) an appointment in GroupWise that you previously canceled in Zoom, GroupWise will prompt you of that condition and let you choose if you still want to delete (or make changes to) the appointment that is no longer integrated with Zoom.

    Syncing your GroupWise calendar with modifications or cancellations from your Zoom account is not currently supported.

  • The Delegate and delete option for Zoom meetings is only applicable to recipients of the appointment. This option is not shown for the owner of the item.

  • If you undelete a deleted appointment that was integrated with Zoom, it does not restore the meeting in your Zoom account. In this scenario, you can edit the appointment or duplicate it to recreate the meeting in Zoom.

NOTE:If this is the first appointment you are modifying or canceling in the current GroupWise session using Zoom integration, you will be prompted to sign in to Zoom.

For information about modifying or canceling meetings in GroupWise, see the following: