5.16 Standalone GroupWise Utilities

Although ConsoleOne provides the primary administrative tool for managing your GroupWise system, additional standalone utilities are provided to meet specialized needs. These utilities perform tasks that might be necessary in environments where ConsoleOne is not available.

5.16.1 GroupWise Check Utility (GWCheck)

GroupWise Check is a standalone version of the ConsoleOne Mailbox/Library Maintenance utility. Like the Mailbox/Library Maintenance utility, GroupWise Check checks and repairs GroupWise user, message, library, and resource databases. However, in addition to checking post office, user, and library databases, it also checks users’ remote, caching, and archive databases.

For information about using GroupWise Check, see Section 34.1, GroupWise Check.

5.16.2 GroupWise Backup Time Stamp Utility (GWTMSTMP)

The GroupWise Backup Time Stamp utility (GWTMSTMP) can be used to place a time stamp on a GroupWise user database to indicate the last time the database was backed up. If a user deletes an item from his or her mailbox and purges it from the Trash, the item is only deleted from the user’s database if the time stamp shows that the item would have already been backed up. Otherwise, the item remains in the user’s database until the database is backed up, at which time it is deleted from the working database.

For information about using the GroupWise Backup Time Stamp utility, see Section 34.2, GroupWise Time Stamp Utility.

5.16.3 GroupWise Database Copy Utility (DBCOPY)

The GroupWise Database Copy utility (DBCOPY) copies files from a live GroupWise system to a static location for backup. During the copy process, DBCOPY prevents the files from being modified, using the same locking mechanism used by other GroupWise programs that access databases. This ensures that the backed-up versions are consistent with the originals even when large databases take a substantial amount of time to copy.

For information about using the GroupWise Database Copy utility, see Section 34.3, GroupWise Database Copy Utility.

5.16.4 GroupWise Generate CSR Utility (GWCSRGEN)

To provide secure communication through an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection, the GroupWise Agents (MTA, POA, DVA, and GWIA) require access to a server certificate and private key.

You can use the GroupWise Generate CSR utility (GWCSRGEN) to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file and a Private Key file.

The CSR file, which is Base64 encoded, contains the information required for a Certificate Authority (CA) to issue you a server certificate. This server certificate, when paired with the private key generated by the GroupWise Generate CSR utility, enables GroupWise agents to use SSL connections.

For information about SSL and certificates, see Section 83.2, Server Certificates and SSL Encryption.