3.4 Managing Received Email

3.4.1 Saving an Item to Disk

Saved items remain in your Mailbox and Calendar as well as being copied to the location you specify.

  1. Open the item you want to save.

  2. Save the page as you would any other page in your Web browser.

3.4.2 Saving Status Information

  1. Right-click an item, then click Properties.

  2. Click File > Save Page As.

    GroupWise WebAccess gives the item a temporary file name. You can change the file name and default folder.

  3. Click Save.

3.4.3 Deleting Email

Use Delete to remove selected items from your Mailbox. You can also use Delete to retract items you have sent. You can retract mail and phone messages if the recipients have not read them or if they have not been sent to the Internet. You can retract appointments, reminder notes, and tasks at any time.

If you receive junk mail that requires frequent manual deletion, you might want to set up Junk Mail Handling. For more information, see Handling Unwanted Email (Spam).

  1. On the main WebAccess page, select one or more items, then click Delete.

    Deleted items are moved to your Trash and remain there until the Trash is emptied.

3.4.4 Viewing the Source of External Messages

When you receive or send messages to and from external systems, you can view the source for a message. The source includes all the data that is contained in a message.

  1. Open an item that you received from an external source.

  2. Click View next to the Mime.822 attachment to open it.

3.4.5 Sorting Received Items

You can sort items that you have received by any column in the received items list.

  1. Click the column heading to sort messages in that column in alphabetical order. Click the column heading a second time to sort messages in that column in reverse alphabetical order.