4.1 Installing GroupWise Mobile Server for Windows

  1. If the server where you are planning to install GroupWise Mobile Server has a Web server running on it, you must stop it before installing GroupWise Mobile Server.

  2. Download the GroupWise Mobile Server compressed executable file (gms204.exe) from the Novell download Web site to a temporary directory on your Windows server.

  3. Extract the .exe file into a directory at the root of your local drive or to a network server drive that can handle long pathnames.

    The compressed file contains directory paths that could exceed DOS limits.

  4. In Windows, click Start > Run > Browse, then locate the directory where you extracted the GroupWise Mobile Server files.

  5. Select the setup.exe file, then click OK to run the GroupWise Mobile Server Installation program.

  6. Click Next. The contents of the installation package extract and the Welcome dialog box appears.

    Welcome dialog box
  7. Click Next to display the License Agreement dialog box.

    License Agreement page
  8. Read the Novell GroupWise Mobile Server License Agreement, accept the License Agreement, then click Next.

    License Key
  9. Specify the license key for your software, then click Next.

    You can use the following license key to install the evaluation version of GroupWise Mobile Server for Windows:


  10. Follow the prompts, referring to the Intellisync Mobile Suite Installation Guide as needed, until you reach the Mail Server page.

    Mail Server installation page
  11. Select Novell GroupWise 7 SP1 or greater, then click Next.

    GroupWise Server installation page
  12. Provide the information required for GroupWise Mobile Server to access a POA:

    1. Specify the IP address or full DNS hostname for the GroupWise server where a POA configured for SOAP is running, as described in Section 2.2, Enabling POAs for SOAP

    2. Specify the SOAP port for the POA.

      The default port is 7191.

    3. Select Use SSL if the POA is configured to require a secure SSL connection with GroupWise Mobile Server, as described in Section 2.2, Enabling POAs for SOAP.

    4. Specify a GroupWise username and password to test the connection between GroupWise Mobile Server and the POA, as described in Section 2.3, Selecting a Test User and POA.

  13. Click Next.

    GroupWise Server Access installation page
  14. Select the method that you want mobile devices to use when authenticating to the POA for the post office where the mobile device user’s mailbox is located.

    Same Account Used to Access Intellisync Mobile Suite: Select this option if you want GroupWise Mobile Server to use the same usernames that users are already using in GroupWise. This is the recommended option.

    Separate GroupWise Account: This option provides an additional layer of security by having your mobile device provide a generic password to GroupWise Mobile Server. GroupWise Mobile Server then prompts you for your GroupWise password each time synchronization is required. The Trusted Application option provides this additional layer of security much more conveniently. Therefore, the Separate GroupWise Account option is not recommended.

    Trusted Application: To review the benefits of setting up GroupWise Mobile Server as a GroupWise trusted application, see Trusted Applications in System in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide. For instructions specific to setting up GroupWise Mobile Server as a trusted application, see Section 4.7.1, Creating a Trusted Application on Windows. If you want to use this access method, you must select one of the other two access methods for your initial installation, start GroupWise Mobile Server, set up GroupWise Mobile Server as a trusted application, then repeat the installation to select this option and specify the trusted application key.

  15. Click Next, then continue following the prompts, referring to the Intellisync Mobile Suite Installation Guide as needed, until you complete the GroupWise Mobile Server installation.