Log File Switches

The following switches control how the Internet Agent uses the log file. The log file keeps a record of all Internet Agent activity. See Using Internet Agent Log Files.



On NetWare and Windows, the log files are stored in the domain\wpgate\gwia\000.prc directory by default. On Linux, they are stored in /var/log/novell/groupwise/domain_name.gwia by default. The log files are named after the month, day, and log number for that date (mmddgwia.nn).You can use the /log switch to redirect the log files to a different location.

Syntax: /log-log_file_directory

Short Syntax: /pl-log_file_directory

NetWare Example: /log-sys:\log\gwia

Linux Example: --log /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/log

Windows Example: /log-c:\log\gwia


By default, log files are deleted after 7 days.This switch overrides the default setting. The range is from 1 to 360 days.

Syntax: /logdays-days

Short Syntax: /lt-days

Example: /logdays-5


Defines the amount of information to record in log files.

The values are:

Syntax: /loglevel-level

Short Syntax: /ll-level

Example: /loglevel-verbose


Controls the maximum amount of disk space for all log files. The amount of disk space each log file consumes is added together to determine the total amount of disk space used. When the limit is reached, the Internet Agent overwrites the existing log files, starting with the oldest one. The default is 1 MB. The range is from 256 KB to unlimited size. Use 0 for unlimited disk space.

Syntax: /logmax-KB

Short Syntax: /ls-KB

Example: /logmax-512