C.0 September 29, 2006




Section 14.3.5, Excluding Global Signatures

Explained how to suppress global signatures on a selected domain, post office, or user.

Section 14.4.4, Preparing for a User Move

Emphasized the use of GroupWise® Check when preparing for a user move.

Section 14.4.5, Moving a GroupWise Account to Another Post Office in the Same eDirectory Tree

Recommended connecting to the domain that owns the destination post office where you are moving the user.


Section 34.1, GroupWise Check

Cautioned against running GWCheck over cross-platform connections to the GroupWise databases that are being checked and repaired.

Running TSAFSGW on NetWare

Corrected the default location for the TSAFSGW temporary directory.

Post Office Agent

Section 36.3.1, Securing Client/Server Access through a Proxy Server

Clarified how the POA handles internal vs. external users.

Section 36.3.4, Providing LDAP Authentication for GroupWise Users

Added a link to a TID with details for handling LDAP authentication in the context of multiple eDirectory™ trees.

Section 37.1.1, Monitoring the POA from the POA Server Console

Clarified how the POA thread count is displayed in the Status box.

Internet Agent

Section 46.1.1, Configuring Basic SMTP/MIME Settings

Clarified that one SMTP thread is equivalent to one connection.

Section 47.2.2, Access Control Lists

Mentioned white lists in contrast to blacklists.

WebAccess Agent

Section 53.3.4, Assigning a Default WebAccess Agent to a Post Office

Added information about how this setting is used to select an appropriate default WebAccess Agent for a post office.

Section 54.1.6, Binding the WebAccess Agent to a Specific IP Address

Indicated that this can be accomplished using the /ip startup switch.

Monitor Agent

Section 59.5.2, Customizing Notification Thresholds

Added an example of a useful MTA threshold to check for.

Section 66.2.1, Creating a GroupWise Client Application Object

Added information on how to install the iisscript.msi as a dependency when doing a GroupWise ZENworks installation of the Windows client.

Section 66.2.2, Using GroupWise 7 Tuner

Changed the path to the GroupWise Tuner utility.


Section 65.1, Client Options Summary

Added information about how locking settings affects the override hierarchy.

Security Policies

Section 81.6, Protecting Trusted Applications

Added suggestions for securing trusted applications.