E.0 November 30, 2005




Section 34.1.3, Using GWCheck on Linux

Indicated that the GWCheck RPM is available in the /client subdirectory as well as the /admin subdirectory of your software distribution directory.

Section 34.1.6, Executing GWCheck from a Windows Batch File

Added the /pa switch.

Section 34.1.7, Executing GWCheck from a Linux Script

Added the --pa switch.

Section 34.4.2, Using DBCopy on Linux

Corrected the path to the dbcopy executable.

Post Office Agent

Section 39.104, /soapsizelimit

Added the /soapsizelimit switch.

Section 39.109, /user

Clarified the types of user to specify for NetWare, Linux, and Windows remote servers.

Message Transfer Agent

Section 43.2.2, Adjusting MTA Polling of Input Queues in the Domain, Post Offices, and Gateways

Indicated that gateways are also affected by the MTA scan cycle settings.

Internet Agent

Section 46.4.2, Using Paging

Corrected the pager e-mail address so that the /l and /b switches follow the address.

Section 48.3, Binding the Internet Agent to a Specific IP Address

Added information about setting up the Internet Agent to use an exclusive bind to a specified IP address.

WebAccess Agent

Section 53.3.4, Assigning a Default WebAccess Agent to a Post Office

Added information about how this setting is used to select an appropriate default WebAccess Agent for a post office.

Section 53.3.5, Assigning a Default WebAccess Agent to a Domain

Added information about how this setting is used to select an appropriate default WebAccess Agent for a domain.

Section 54.8, Configuring the Document Viewer Agent

Clarified the locations of the document quarantine directory and the document cache directory.

Section 56.4.3, Controlling Document Viewer Agent Logging

Added the default location of Viewer Agent log files.


Section 65.2, Setting Client Options

Clarified that setting a lock on an option setting at a higher level such as a post office overrides that option setting at a lower level such as a user.

Section 66.2, Using ZENworks Desktop Management to Distribute the GroupWise Windows Client

Clarified the section on how to use ZENworks® Desktop Management to distribute the GroupWise Windows Client.

Section 66.2.2, Using GroupWise 7 Tuner

Added information on how to use GroupWise 7 Tuner to create a transform file.

Section 66.2.3, Configuring ZENworks to Use a Transform File

Added information on how to configure ZENworks to use a Transform file.