A.0 March 14, 2008 (GroupWise 7 SP3)




Section 2.2.1, Installing ConsoleOne on Linux

Added a recommendation for mounting domain servers to accommodate ConsoleOne® access.

Section 2.3, ConsoleOne in a Multiple-Platform Environment

Emphasized using the version of ConsoleOne that matches the platform where domains and post offices are located.

Section 4.9, Software Directory Management

Added the recommendation for one software distribution directory per server where one or more post offices is located.

Section 4.9.3, Deleting a Software Distribution Directory

Clarified that a software distribution directory must not be in use by any post offices before you can delete it.

Section 4.12.1, Creating a Key for a Trusted Application

Added a section about how trusted applications must provide a key in order to authenticate to GroupWise®.

Section 5.16.1, Graft GroupWise Objects

Corrected the process used to graft users.

Post Office

Section 12.3.2, Setting Mailbox Size Limits

Corrected the information about what happens when a user receives a warning message about nearing the mailbox size limit.

Section 12.4, Auditing Mailbox License Usage in the Post Office

Clarified licensing requirements for mobile devices.


Section 14.3, Adding a Global Signature to Users’ Messages

Added cross-references to information about users’ personal signatures in the GroupWise Client User Guide for each client.


Section 15.3, Creating a New Resource

Clarified that when a place resource is added to the To field of an appointment, the resource name, not its description, is added to the Place field.


Section 30.1, Gathering Mailbox Statistics and Section 30.2, Reducing the Size of User and Message Databases

Clarified the Only Backed-Up Items and Only Retained Items options for the Expire/Reduce action of Mailbox/Library Maintenance; clarified the terms “expire” and “reduce.”

Section 33.0, Retaining User Messages

Added a third step to the retention process.


Clarified that the GWCheck log file is always created in the post_office_directory\wpcsout\ofs directory. It cannot be redirected to a different directory.

Section 34.1.8, GWCheck Startup Switches

Added the /lang switch and the /pr switch.

TSAFSGW Functionality

Removed a recommendation to not back up QuickFinder™ index files; .idx and .inc files should be backed up.

Section 34.4.4, DBCopy Startup Switches

Provided default values for DBCopy startup switches.

Post Office Agent

Setting Up SNMP Services for the Linux POA

Emphasized that the SNMP daemon must always start before the POA.


Added a new switch.


Recommended a maximum setting of 1 MB.

Message Transfer Agent

Setting Up SNMP Services for the Linux MTA

Emphasized that the SNMP daemon must always start before the MTA.

Internet Agent

Section 46.1.9, Using a Route Configuration File

Listed another important use for the route configuration file (route.cfg).

Section 47.1.1, Classes of Service

Clarified that attachments are included in the mime.822 file that accompanies SMTP messages.

Section 39.80, /nosnmp

Added the /nosnmp startup switch.

Monitor Agent

Section 59.11, Monitoring Messenger Agents

Created a link to the GroupWise Messenger 2 Administration Guide that explains how to make the Messenger login information permanent.


Section 66.1, Using GroupWise AutoUpdate and SetupIP to Distribute the GroupWise Windows Client

Improved the instructions for setting up AutoUpdate and SetupIP.

Security Administration

Section 71.2.1, Generating a Certificate Signing Request

Clarified that, for Linux GWCSRGen, the directory where you want to create the certificate file and key file must already exist.

Using YaST on Linux

Added instructions for using YaST to create a certificate file and key file.