12.7 GroupWise Monitor

GroupWise Monitor includes the enhancements and new features listed below.

12.7.1 Windows 2003 Server Support (v7.0)

You can now install the Monitor Agent and the Monitor Application on Windows 2003. The Monitor Installation program can install and configure Tomcat 5.5 into an existing Microsoft Internet Information Server.

NOTE:The Novell Servlet Gateway is no longer shipped or supported with Monitor.

12.7.2 IPV6 Support (v7.0)

Like the POA and the MTA, the Monitor Agent now supports IPV6 on Linux and Windows, as described in Section 12.2.2, IPV6 Support (v7.0).

12.7.3 Monitor Agent Web Console Emphasized (v7.0)

The Monitor Agent Web console can be used only behind your firewall. However, the Monitor Agent Web console includes functionality that the Monitor Web console does not. In particular, it provides the new Monitor features in GroupWise 7. Starting with GroupWise 7, the Monitor Agent Web console is being emphasized as the primary browser access point for displaying the information provided by Monitor.

Use the following URL to access the Monitor Agent Web console:


12.7.4 Agent GroupWise Available at Monitor Agent Web Console (v7.0.1)

You can now create agent groups at the Monitor Agent Web console just as you can at the Monitor Agent server console and the Monitor Web console.

For more information about agent groups, see Creating and Managing Agent Groups in Monitor in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide.

12.7.5 Gateway Accounting Report (v7.0)

The Gateway Accounting report organizes information gathered in gateway accounting files into a format that is visually easy to read. Some setup is required to enable the gateway accounting report.

For setup instructions, see Gateway Accounting Report in Monitor in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide.

12.7.6 Trends Report (v7.0)

The Trends report presents graphs of agent MIB variables as sampled over time.

For setup instructions, see Trends Report in Monitor in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide.

12.7.7 Downtime Report (v7.0)

The Downtime report graphically illustrates how much time each GroupWise agent has been down during the day.

For setup instructions, see Down Time Report in Monitor in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide.

12.7.8 Image Map (v7.0)

An image map enables you to create a visual picture of your GroupWise system, whether it resides in a single office building or spans the globe. You provide the maps; Monitor provides up-to-the-minute status information at a glance.

For setup instructions, see Image Map Report in Monitor in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide.