C.3 April 16, 2007 (GroupWise 7 SP2)




Section 2.2, GroupWise Client Requirements

Added Windows Vista as a supported operating system for the GroupWise Windows client.

Section 2.3.5, Linux File System Support

Added recommendation of the Reiser file system and support of the NSS file system.

Section 5.2, WebAccess System Requirements

Provided the JVM version for the WebAccess client.

Completing the Installation on a UNIX Apache Web Server

Added steps for unzipping the WebAccess and WebPubisher help files.

Uninstalling the NetWare GroupWise Agents

Reminded administrators to remove GroupWise agent load commands that they might have placed in the NetWare® autoexec.ncf file.

Enabling the High Availability Service for the Linux GroupWise Agents

Provided an example of the gwha.conf file and explained the headings; added the show = yes setting in the gwha.conf file.


Section 19.1, Using Windows ConsoleOne to Access Domains and Post Offices on Linux

Added a command to ensure proper file locking between Linux and Windows.