D.4 August 31, 2009 (GroupWise 8 SP1)




Section 4.9.3, Deleting a Software Distribution Directory

Clarified that you cannot delete a software distribution directory if any post office is still configured to access it.

Section 4.12.1, Creating a Trusted Application and Key

Explained how to create a trusted application key using ConsoleOne.

Section 7.5, Multi-Language Workstations

Added Windows 7 instructions.


Section 12.3.3, Setting Mailbox Size Limits

Removed the note about mailbox size limits not being respected by the Linux/Mac client. Mailbox size limits can are now enforced by the Linux/Mac client.

Post Office



Section 12.4, Auditing Mailbox License Usage in the Post Office

Defined what constitutes an active mailbox vs. an inactive mailbox for licensing purposes; clarified that inactive users that exceed the specified number of days are flagged in the audit report.


Section 14.7.4, Creating a Nickname for a User

Added the External Sync Override field.


Section 16.6.3, Creating a Nickname for a Resource

Added the External Sync Override field.

Distribution Lists, Groups, and Organizational Roles

Section 18.9.3, Creating a Nickname for a Distribution List

Added the External Sync Override field.

Section 19.2, Seeing Which Members of an eDirectory Group Have GroupWise Accounts

Identified the pertinent fields in the GroupWise Diagnostics dialog box.

Libraries and Documents

Section 22.6.6, Moving a Library

Provided additional instructions for moving a library.

Section 24.0, Integrations

Added newly supported integrated applications.

Section 24.2, Setting Up Integrations Using the gwappint.inf File

Updated the location of the gwappint.inf file.


Section 32.5, Restoring Deleted Mailbox Items

Noted that deleted contacts cannot be restored from a restore area.

Section 32.5.1, Setting Up a Restore Area

Clarified that, on Linux, a Linux path for the restore area must be specified in addition to the UNC path.


Corrected the default location for the GWCheck options file on Windows and Linux.

Section 34.4.6, DBCopy Startup Switches

Listed the migration startup switches along with the backup startup switches.

/l (migration only)

Clarified the use of the -l startup switch.

Post Office Agent

Section 36.2.4, Supporting SOAP Clients

Removed the External SOAP SSL field from the POA Network Address page. The external SOAP port uses the same SSL setting as the internal SOAP port.

Section 36.3.3, Securing the Post Office with SSL Connections to the POA

Stated that the SSL key file must be password protected.

Section 36.4.3, Performing Nightly User Upkeep

Added personal address book synchronization to the list of nightly user upkeep activities.

Section 38.7, Optimizing Client Connections

Provided instructions for using the Mass Purge options in the POA Web console.

Section 38.4, Optimizing Indexing

Added a link to the list of file types that the POA can index.

Section 39.4, /cluster

Further explained the function of the /cluster startup switch


Specified the maximum allowed setting.


Added the /nodca startup switch.

Message Transfer Agent

Section 41.2, Configuring User Access through the Domain

Explained that message size restrictions override message priority considerations.

Section 41.2.3, Securing the Domain with SSL Connections to the MTA

Stated that the SSL key file must be password protected.

Section 44.4, /cluster

Added the /cluster startup switch.

Internet Agent

Section 46.1.1, Configuring Basic SMTP/MIME Settings

Updated the final interval for retrying a deferred message.

Section 47.1, Controlling User Access to the Internet

Stated that there are no default message size limits when sending to Internet recipients.

Section 48.4, Securing Internet Agent Connections with SSL

Stated that the SSL key file must be password protected.

Section 52.5.1, /cluster

Updated the explanation of the /cluster startup switch.


Added the new /disallowauthrelay startup switch.

WebAccess Agent

Section 54.2.1, Modifying the WebAccess Application Environment Settings

Updated the location of the WebAccess Application configuration file (webacc.cfg).

Section 54.1.4, Securing WebAccess Agent Connections with SSL

Stated that the SSL key file must be password protected.

Monitor Agent

Section 65.3.11, Trends Report

Clarified how Trends reports are generated.


Section 68.1.2, Caching Mode

Added the default platform-specific location for a Caching mailbox on Windows Vista.

Archive Directory

Added the Windows 7 location for the archive directory.

User Limits

Clarified that the Limits Apply to Cache options applies to both Caching mailboxes and Remote mailboxes; stated that there are no default limits.


Explained how to determine the correct service name for the StopService entry in the setup.cfg file; noted that you can stop only one service.

Section 70.1.5, Preparing for Client Software Installation from a Web Server

Added a separate section for Apache on Linux. The steps are not the same as for Apache on NetWare. Also updated the steps for NetWare.

Section 73.15, -ui=xxx (Linux only)

Added the startup switch for enabling the GTK interface for the Linux client.

Security Administration

Section 79.2.1, File System Rights

Added cross-references to instructions for running the Linux GroupWise agents as a non-root user.

Security Policies

Section 88.0, Undocumented Diagnostic Tools

Added a statement about undocumented diagnostic tools.