2.0 ConsoleOne Administration Tool

GroupWise is administered using ConsoleOne, a Java-based tool for managing your network and its resources. When you create your GroupWise system, GroupWise snap-ins are added to your ConsoleOne installation and GroupWise objects are created in Novell eDirectory. As you manage your GroupWise system, you use ConsoleOne to create additional GroupWise objects, modify GroupWise object properties, and so on.

IMPORTANT:Because the GroupWise snap-ins to ConsoleOne are required in order to work with GroupWise objects, you cannot use other network management tools, such as Novell iManager, to administer your GroupWise system. Also, you should not use older network management tools, such as NetWare Administrator, to administer your GroupWise system, unless your GroupWise system includes legacy gateways that require such tools to administer the corresponding Gateway objects and their properties.

Because GroupWise is a cross-platform product, you might have components of your GroupWise system located on NetWare servers, Linux servers, and Windows servers. You can run ConsoleOne on Windows or Linux to manage GroupWise domains and post offices located on any of these platforms.

NOTE:For a GroupWise system on NetWare, you cannot run ConsoleOne to administer GroupWise at the NetWare server console. The GroupWise Administrator snap-ins to ConsoleOne do not run in that environment.