NetWare Async Gateway Requirements

Hardware and Software System Requirements on NetWare

Component Recommendation


Server-class PC with a Pentium* II or higher processor (1 to 16 ports)
Server-class PC with a Pentium III or higher processor (17 to 32 ports)

Disk Space

9 MB


5.1, 6.5 SP3 or later, or Novell Open Enterprise Server NetWare


AT command-set-compatible, with error correction protocol, 14400 baud or faster

GroupWise System

6.5 or later


1.3.6 or later

The 9-megabyte requirement for installation includes space for the gateway program, the library NLMTM, and miscellaneous GroupWise gateway files. Additional hard disk space is required for a file use area, where GroupWise messages are temporarily held. The amount of space needed is directly proportional to the amount of message traffic your GroupWise system handles.

Required NLM Programs

NetWare Loadable ModulesTM (NLM programs) generally reside on your NetWare server in the sys:\system directory. The NetWare Async Gateway requires, and automatically loads, the following NLM programs, if they are not already loaded.

NLM Name Description


Asynchronous Input/Output (AIO) communication NLM. Should be present in sys:\system as part of NetWare. Must be loaded as a link between NetWare and other AIO device drivers that are configured as NLM programs.


C Language Runtime Library used for NetWare services. Should already be present in sys:\system as part of NetWare.


GroupWise Agent Engine NLM. Might be present on your server if other GroupWise components have already been installed. It is included with the Async Gateway to ensure that it is in the sys:\system directory.


NetWare screens NLM. Should already be present in sys:\system as part of NetWare.

Optional NLM Programs

The following NLM programs might be required to run the NetWare Async Gateway, depending on the hardware configuration of your system. The table below lists some of the most common port driver NLM programs you have the option of loading. There are many other AIO-compliant NLM programs you can load according to the hardware you buy or other system needs. For a more complete listing of AIO-compliant NLM programs, see Asynchronous Input/Output Drivers.

NLM Name Description


The default communication port driver for use with your PC. Use if you intend to use the existing communication ports (COM1, COM2) in your NetWare server without adding a multiport expansion board.


The Digi* device driver for the DigiCHANNEL PC/Xi (16- port) multiport expansion board.


The Digi device driver for the DigiCHANNEL PC/Xem (32-port) multiport expansion board.

Memory Requirements on NetWare

The following table lists the memory requirements for various hardware and software components of the NetWare Async Gateway. Analyze the components your server needs and then compare them against the server's memory capabilities to determine if a memory upgrade is required.

Components Minimum Memory Requirement

Basic one-port configuration (ngwasync.nlm)

510 KB

Each additional port

57 KB

gwenn3.nlm (Required)

6 MB

aio.nlm (Required)

6 KB


17 KB


2 KB


80 KB


80 KB